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The new multi-purpose forage harvester from Falc

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October 2021 | Back

Punctual as ever at EIMA International, Falc presents some important new products in its range in Bologna. Here they are in detail.
Next. These mulchers are designed for use both in agriculture, on grass and small to medium-sized prunings, and in green areas. Combined with tractors with power ratings ranging from 20 to 60 horsepower, they have working widths between 80 cm and 2.1 metres, and weights from 245 to 509 kg. All models have sides without sharp edges to prevent damage to young plants. In addition, thanks to the possibility of using a double top link (Avant version), they can be coupled either to the front or rear of the tractor.

Grifus. Multi-purpose orchard shredders designed for use on grass and medium-diameter pruning are associated with tractors in the 50 to 90 Hp power range. Available sizes, in the hydraulically movable version, range from 1.40 metres to 2.70 metres, with weights from 480 to 760 kg. The distinctive features of these machines include a high front inlet that facilitates the entry of the material to be chopped, sides without sharp edges and the possibility of choosing the forward or backward position of the rear roller according to work requirements. In addition, the Grifus series is prepared for both the hydraulic inter-row wheel (diameter 400-600-800 mm) and the hydraulic inter-row flail mower with a working width of 500 mm. The wheel and flail mower are part of the new "Bio Friendly Range" designed for inter-row work to avoid the use of harmful chemical herbicides.

Icon. This is a professional mulcher for crop residues and large diameter prunings. Suitable for both orchard and open field work, Icon is available with working widths from 2.30 to 3.00 metres, with weights ranging from 864 kg to 1,088 kg and can be combined with tractors from 80 to 120 Hp. In addition to hydraulic lateral movement, the Plus features of this model include the possibility of being attached to the tractor at the front or rear (Avant version). Furthermore, by reversing the transmission pulleys, it is possible to switch from a 1000 rpm PTO to a 540 rpm PTO and vice versa.



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