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The performance of the Combotrack tiller

by Emanuele Bredice
November 2023 | Back

Sicma offers visitors to the great Hanover fair two innovations in the field of soil processing. For operators who need a machine for minimum processing, the technicians of the company from the Abruzzo region - the operating headquarters is located in Miglianico (province of Chieti) - have designed a new family of cultivators for combined soil processing, called Combotrack. The machine, which can be combined with tractors with power from 250 Hp, combines on the same frame several tools that in a single pass allow you to prepare the seedbed, maintaining – as stated in a company note - unchanged soil fertility. Combotrack has a working width of 3 meters and a width of 7.5 that allow the combined cultivator to bury the residual stubble of the harvest (thanks to the action of the discs), to crush the larger clods with the dissolving anchors and to level the ground with a rubber roller placed in the end of the semi-carried frame. The equipment is connected to the tractor through the arms of the three-point linkage, which allows the machine to be lifted at the end of the work, and thus to manage the manoeuvring operations. The new RK-BIO tiller can also be seen in the exhibition spaces of the company from Abruzzo. RK-BIO is used in the fight against weeds, but can be used to incorporate residues from past crops into the soil, thus facilitating the fertilization of the soil in a natural way. The performance of RK-BIO is guaranteed by the quality of the construction materials, such as the HTITE SICMA steel of the hoes, all produced in the Group’s plants.


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