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An ideas factory for EIMA 2018

FederUnacoma organized a day of work in Reggio Emilia dedicated to analyses and proposals for further strengthening the international agricultural machinery exposition scheduled for next November 7 to 11 in Bologna. Taking part in the event were 140 FederUnacoma industries representatives which enlivened work on agriculture 4.0, the agro-food supply chain, the components and gardening sector and new criteria for furnishing the trade fair quarters

by the editorial staff
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An event like EIMA International is the creation of the specific organizational knowhow gained by FederUnacoma Surl over many years with the engagement of the federation’s member manufacturers went to work on analyses and proposals for improving the multiple offers provided by the exposition.

This synergy brought together in a structured organization of the exhibitors raised the merits of intuition and experience leading to special confirmation of the FederUnacoma Think Tank, “EIMA, the trade fair sphere and the issues coming up.” The assembly was held March 27 in the Reggio Emilia congress-museum center Ruote da Sogno, Dream Wheels. Alessandro Malavolti, the president of the Agricultural and Garden Machinery Manufacturers Federation, explained “The event was limited to the member FederUnacoma industries and planned for dealing with updates on the steps taken for the upcoming EIMA International and learning opinions, proposals and considerations of the manufacturers taking part, those investing in the exposition and have, over many years of participation in the review, achieved an experience of a patrimony bearing fruit for the ongoing improvement of the event.” In the impressive setting of the museum building for research, restoration and the exhibition of vintage automobiles and motorcycles which number no less than a thousand models, including rare scooters, motorcycles and custom-built models from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, agriculture took the floor with the arrival of 140 FederUnacoma industries’ representatives involved in a morning plenary session and returning to the work table in the afternoon. FederUnacoma General Director Simona Rapastella said, “In the morning session details on the course of the EIMA 2018 organization machine were discussed whereas in the afternoon session the companies were divided into work groups, in detail, for agriculture 4.0, gardening, the agro-food supply chain, components and trade fair furnishings for coming up with analyses and proposals on the specific interests of the companies in their various compartments.” Other than the industries, there were outside experts and representatives of the FederUnacoma divisions as moderators.

A summary was produced at the end of the session which contained final recommendations associated with the EIMA issues handled, the most recent trends of technological developments and the market for possibly increasing interest and competition in the exposition in the world trade fair in the sector.

The group on the matter of “Agriculture 4.0, a challenge for Italian industry”, the expert Giorgio Malaguti (ESTE Technology) and Massimiliano Ruggeri (Cnr - Imamoter) was present where one of the suggestions was to make farmers more aware of digital technologies and making the trade fair an occasion for training and professional updating. For work on “Developing gardening: technologies and target”, where journalist Andrea Baffigo (Garden TV) arrived as an expert, what came up was the need to differentiate more clearly the target of the gardening salon compared to the sole target of  EIMA International mainly trained on agriculture and strengthening broader and more systematic professionals and designers of greenery, public administrators and representatives in such fields as sports facilities. In the group at work on “Mechanics and agro-food, a center to build”, expert Stefano Baldi (Nomisma) underscored the importance of raising the agro-food supply chain profile within EIMA and work with political figures on incentives for the purchase of new generation machinery for productions with greater value added.

In work on “Developing exhibition of components, a specialized strong point”, under focus was the trend of developing the components market as an overall instrument of agricultural machinery innovation. With expert Franco Mosconi (University of Parma) present, the findings of the group included the need to revive research and development in the components sector and use EIMA as a showcase of these activities and as a link to universities.

The last group covered the more general issue on the enterprise of the exposition dedicated to “The trade fair show: furnishings, branding and visitors’ psychology” for new architechtonic furnishings.

For this session, the expert was Raffaella Laezza from the University of Venice, brought up the recommendation to associate furnishings and B2B events in keeping with EIMA tending toward visual marketing, creating lighting systems, physical supports and innovative materials to confer seriousness and the appeal not only of large machinery but also scenographic surroundings for less visible exhibitions and the open areas for components and mechanical parts which are technological core of the exposition.

“A successful fair is an event characterized by technical content and economic returns - sums up FederUnacoma surl' CEO Massimo Goldoni - but also by its ability of evolving and continuously renewalling. Ideas are the driving force behind all this”.



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