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BCS hydrostatic mower a leading player at SIMA

by Fabrizio Sereni
January/February 2015 | Back

“We are happy that our 660 HY WS PowerSafe hydrostatic mower was awarded a New Technologies prize in the prestigious EIMA International 2014 competition. The team work of all our company’s personnel was awarded and thanks to them the excellence of BCS technologies has been consolidated, a brand name synonymous with power mowers for more than seventy years.” This was the comment delivered by the technical director of the single axle, forage harvesting and grounds keeping division of the manufacturer in Abbiategrasso, near Milan, Fabrizio Omodeo Vanone, who welcomed the important prize awarded to the 660 HY WS PowerSafe last November. Following on the great success scored at the Bologna exposition, the model is expected to play a front-rank role at SIMA, the upcoming Agricultural Business Show in Paris. The single-axle BCS mower which came away with a New Technologies prize is designed for operations on steep slopes with a patented PowerSafe hydrostatic transmission, a multidisc clutch in oil bath operated hydraulically and hydraulic traction and hydraulic power steering to ensure continuous driving speed and engine RPM variation. The text of the Bologna competition jury cited the main clutch and brake-clutch assembly on the hydraulically actuated drive shafts which enable better operation on steep slopes. These advanced technologies are not, however, the only winning features of the 660 HY WS PowerSafe which can also vaunt great versatility at work. Another strong point is that the Abbiategrasso manufacturer has also made plans for equipped the machine with a wide range of implements – cutting bars, a mulcher and mowers – for providing end-users with high performance for mountain forage mowing as well as for urban greenery. These characteristics united with high-profile technology is certain to make the 660 HY WS PowerSafe a leading candidate drawing the attention of operators in the sector, also on the French market.


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