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Anno 2019 Numero 10

October 2019

Cima Multi-Vertical 4, a head for palm plantations

Agrilevante features Multi-Vertical 4, an atomizer head developed by Cima from Pavia (the headquarters are in Montù Beccaria) for the specific needs of palm plantations. That is for one of the most widespread crops in the Mediterranean area, especially in North Africa and the Middle East. “Palms - explains the Lombard firm with a
note - have a considerable height but are also characterized by the wide vegetative foliage that can reach 10 metres in diameter. It is very complex to work on this type of
plant with atomizers because it is difficult to intervene both on the fruit, positioned below the crown near the trunk, and on the entire leaf volume, at heights between 7 and 10 metres”. Multi-Vertical 4 has been designed with the aim of adapting to the plant’s height in its various stages of growth. The head has a vertical configuration with four multiple diffuser guns for a correct and uniform coverage of both fruit
and leaves. Multi-Vertical 4 can be applied to the low-volume pneumatic sprayers Blitz 55 (towed) and New Plus 55 (mounted) and is suitable for plantations of date palm, oil palm, coconut palm and rubber.

by Giacomo Di Paola

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