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Concept Perugini: technologies for working the land

The Romagnola manufacturer has become a point of reference in the district thanks to their specialized machinery for soil preparation. Quality, reliability and performance are the strong points of the machines turned out by the company located in Meldola

by Fabrizio Sereni
december 2013 | Back

Concept Perugini in Meldola, in the Province of Forlì–Cesena, a manufacturer of machinery for working the soil and groundcare, has confirmed its standing as a point of reference in their industrial district thanks to production of as many as 192 versions of forty-three models backed by forty years of experience in designing and developing agricultural machinery. The range of the Romagnola company is wide and diversified and extends from flail mowers and rotary tillers to cultivators, mulchers and combined machinery which fitting into power categories from 12 hp to a maximum of 350 hp. These machines are designed for an equally wide range of operations, from work performed by hobbyists up to professionals, and all are developed for the purpose of putting on the market products which are reliable, sturdy and high yield. These features are ensured by Concept Perugini through their scrupulous control of every phase of the manufacturing process. The CT Series opens the company's range of flail mowers, small machines requiring power limited to 12 to 22 hp, flanked by three gardening mowers, the XT, YT and VT. Noteworthy is the VT line available in three versions equipped with centrally mounted engines providing equal weight distribution and great stability. Concept Perugini also offers a wide selection of universal flail toppers, fourteen of them in their catalogue, to meet all requirements for operations with power extending from 30 hp to 300 hp. These models, especially the most high-performance machines designed for taking on the most demanding jobs, are robust and highly resistant to stress. The same holds true for the MP with the great advantage of the option of front or rear mounting on the tractor. The manufacturer's range also includes seven machines built for difficult operations in addition to the XSL and ESL lines of mulchers for skid loaders. In the tiller category, along with a wide range of fixed models for tractors from 10 hp to 200 hp, Concept Perugini turns out hydraulic offset and automatic hydraulic tillers. Great variety can also be found in the manufacturer's rigid and folding power harrows which groups six product lines led by the flagship SH built for tractors with power from 150 hp to 300 hp. Turning to cultivators and combined machinery, the former are presented in a lineup of four series; the three Aeromate, Rotosprint and Speedtill are designed for seed bed preparation and the Integral is built for excellent seed bed preparation with one pass working directly on stubble or on soil without vegetable residues. The Concept Perugini's combined machines are a power harrow seed drill and a cultivator seed drill, both equipped with hoppers.


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