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Di Martino: low impact solutions for treatments

by Giacomo Di Paola
January/February 2015 | Back

Upcoming news for the gardening sector, with Di Martino di Mussolente (Vicenza) presenting to the industry players at the Sima an innovative pressure regulator designed to equip the company's products intended for phytosanitary treatments. The device stems from the strategic decision of Di Martino to transpose the directions set by the UNI EN ISO 19932 standard, which specifies the environmental and safety requirements related to the construction of sprayers carried on the back or shoulder of the operator and intended for use with plant protection products. The European standard, therefore, applies to the lever-operated shoulder sprayers, the compression shoulder sprayers and shoulder sprayers driven by an internal combustion or electric engine that use hydraulic pressure to atomize the liquid to be sprayed, with a volume rating greater than 3 litres; these are market segments in which the Vicenza company can boast a high level of specialization.  It is thanks to the expertise gained in the course of forty years that Di Martino has succeeded in addressing the issue of environmental protection and the protection of operators very effectively, without making its applications for garden maintenance heavy to use. Equipped with an upper knob that provides three different settings of pressure (one, two or three bars) and a lower ring (with only two positions: on and off) that cleans the pump, the pressure regulator delivers a constant amount of product, depending on the specific treatment to be performed on the plants. This means a major reduction of chemicals used, which reduces the environmental impact and the economic cost of the work.


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