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Phantom M120 NewPort20, treatments on four rows

by Giovanni M. Losavio
January - February 2021 | Back


Phantom M120 NewPort20 is the name of the articulated sprayer designed by Martignani, a Ravenna company based in S. Agata sul Santerno, as an evolution of its first mounted sprayer model developed in the 1960s. Suitable for treating alternate rows of hilly vineyards with narrow passages, thanks to its particular construction architecture, the new sprayer from Martignani has a separate tank (a joint system connects the tank to the machine) which offers great agility without the use of homokinetic cardan shafts or hydraulic steering rudders. "The manoeuvring radius of the NewPort20 of less than six metres - explains the manufacturer with a technical note - facilitates turns with a bending angle that can reach 90°". Another strength of this machine is the ability to operate simultaneously on four rows: the two lower diffusers work along the row on which the tractor passes, while the two upper ones treat the rows alongside the tractor. The technology of the NewPort20 - specifies Martignani - is very advantageous because by working simultaneously on four rows, it cuts in half the passes in the vineyard, reducing both water consumption (-80% according to the manufacturer's figures) and the use of pesticides (Martignani estimates the product savings between 20% and 40%). The data provided by the manufacturer regarding the reduction of drift (-95%) are also extremely significant; the work speed, halving of operating times; the fuel consumption, which is cut by 20%. Marketed with a capacity of 1,000 (for use on hills) and 1,500 litres (suitable for flat areas), the new Martignani sprayer is equipped with a retractable and reclining rear step that allows the user to load the product, inspect the tank, and which can also be used as a trolley for accessories and various products.




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