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Emak wins the SIE 2015 award

by the editorial staff
January 2016 | Back

Last December, Emak was awarded the SIE 2015 “Applied Ergonomics” prize, established by the Italian Society of Ergonomics in collaboration with Ambiente Lavoro (Italian trade show dedicated to promoting health and wellness in the workplace).

The award was presented for the new ergonomic design of workstations on the production lines, which distinguished itself “for matters related to the applied method, the interdisciplinary functionality, and the participation and application in the field of the identified ergonomic mea­sures.”

The Emak project’s objective is to ensure a preventive medium and long-term view of workers’ health, in particular to cope with the future physical and professional aging of the operators. Following the analysis of the main ergonomic and postural issues on the present workstations, the most effective solutions were designed to enable each worker to adapt their workstation to their physical needs.

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