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European network of certified workshops

The European circuit of workshops with high quality requirements has been established, promoted by Unacma and other countries representing the agricultural machinery supply chain. Expertise and knowledge of regulations are the elements that characterize the member assistance structures

by the editorial staff
January - February 2019 | Back

At EIMA International, the European Network of Certified Workshops for agricultural machinery entered its vital phase. The associations of contractors, farmers and manufacturers, will soon sign the memorandum of understanding to “certify” on the market the level of excellence and technical/operational capacity of the structures belonging to the Network. The goal is to reach at least 250 accredited workshops throughout the country by 2020. The project, the first of its kind, is promoted by Unacma - National Union of Agricultural Machinery Dealers - Unacma ROC (Certified Workshops Network), Inail, Cepas-Bureau Veritas and Unipol, and provides training courses on the standardization of agricultural machinery, held by INAIL staff at the Institute’s various offices. This will be followed by the issuance of an ethical and structural certification by Cepas-Bureau Veritas on the basis of a checklist prepared by Unacma. The organizers explained how every two years, the participating workshops will be subjected to checks to verify compliance with the requirements. Lastly, Unipol will indure the affiliates of the Network for any errors or unforeseen situations while bringing the agricultural vehicles into compliance.
The process to join the Unacma ROC network is complex. The participants are required to have a solid knowledge of the industry regulations and of the best practices that regulate the trade and repair of agricultural and gardening machinery. And this is precisely why the Unacma ROC workshops aspire to become a point of reference for the entire agricultural machinery sector.


Live workshop: the tractor before and after “the cure

Among the initiatives that have animated the five days of EIMA International, the Officina Live aroused particular interest.This is an area dedicated to tractor maintenance, and especially to the procedures for their inspection. In view of the implementing decrees that will enact the law for the compulsory inspection of agricultural vehicles, Unacma and FederUnacoma have prepared practical demonstrations of how older machines can pass the checks.The mechanical vehicles must be in compliance with the characteristics that they had at the time of their approval - explain the technicians who supervise the Live Workshop - presenting themselves in compliance with regard to the braking system, the headlight systems and other significant parts, and be in compliance with essential safety devices.The inspection of agricultural vehicles drastically reduces the risk of accidents (200 deaths in our country, largely caused by the tractor overturning).The inspections will carried out in the coming years starting from the oldest machines, and will involve a large number of vehicles, considering the fact that the Italian fleet includes old tractors aged 30 or 40 years.

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