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Falcon stalk shredder performance

by Fabrizio Sereni
November 2023 | Back

Falcon is a folding stalk shredder designed and manufactured by Tierre, a company based in Crutarolo (Padua, Italy) to meet the needs of a sector that is increasingly oriented towards 'light' machines that are nevertheless capable of tackling demanding work and offering top-level performance. The stalk shredder from Tierre, which makes its debut at Agritechnica, is particularly suitable for shredding materials such as corn, grass, straw, potato leaves, beet leaves, but also for performing maintenance work on fallow land. The strength of the Falcon model is the high-tooled rotor that finely cuts and chops up small shrubs and brambles, leaving the ground perfectly clean. Moreover, the rotor is compatible with both double-edged bats and Y-shaped blades, developed by the Veneto-based company with the aim of cutting the crop both vertically and horizontally, thus lowering the friction coefficient and ensuring an increase in working speed (with a lower power demand on the tractor). Among the winning features of the Falcon stalk shredder are the rotor supports in monobloc casting, which improve its strength and consequently prolong its life cycle. On this model, Tierre has provided a wide range of accessories, which, like the central disc (for complete shredding without residues), the set of wheels to better adapt the chopper to the terrain, or the high-strength Hardox counterframe, raise the performance bar even higher.


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