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Highway Code, new rules for agricultural machinery

The new text of the Highway Code has been published in the Official Journal. It incorporates the requests of the Manufacturers' Federation and also allows amateur farmers to register agricultural machinery and professional operators to use convoys of up to 18.75 metres

by the editorial staff
November 2021 | Back

With two amendments to Articles 110 and 105 respectively, the Italian Highway Code introduces important changes regarding the circulation of agricultural machinery, bringing it into line with the standards of the main European countries.

By means of a law published in the Official Journal no. 267 of 9 November 2021, the Government has acknowledged the two requests submitted by the national federation of manufacturers FederUnacoma concerning aspects that are very important in terms of operability.

The first amendment is aimed at allowing the registration of tractors and other types of agricultural machinery to amateur farmers, who will be able to register their machines and drive them on the road during normal transfers from the field to the shed. The rule, contained in paragraph 2 of Article 110, provides that agricultural machinery and trailers registered by amateur farmers may not exceed a weight of 6 tonnes. It also provides for the possibility of registering the machinery in the name of the machinery dealer, thus creating an opportunity - not previously contemplated - to have 'zero kilometre' agricultural machinery on the market.

The second change concerns the length of agricultural convoys, i.e. the combination of the towing machine and the trailer or towed operating machine. The old rule provided for a maximum length of 16.50 metres, while the new one allows a greater length of 18.75 metres. The new provision of the Highway Code - introduced in paragraph 1 of Article 105 - also stipulates that convoys longer than 18.75 metres can still circulate as "exceptional transport", therefore subject to the specific rules already contained in paragraph 8 of Article 104.

“After a long process of cooperation and awareness-raising carried out by our Technical Department," says Alessandro Malavolti, President of FederUnacoma, "the institutions have well understood the concrete needs underlying the amendments proposed by the federation, making it possible, by increasing the length of the agricultural convoy, to bring Italian regulations into line with technological progress and with the legislation of other European countries. On the registration front," adds Malavolti, "the new text makes it possible to fill the regulatory gap that had, until now, disadvantaged the category of amateur farmers, who are increasingly important and who, with their activity, contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of the territory". 

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