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Anno 2013 Numero 10-11

october/november 2013

IsoMatch InDemo, a "simulator" for Kverneland implements

Among the many new products that the Norwegian company Kverneland is exhibiting in Hanover a centre stage role must be reserved for IsoMatch InDemo, a high-tech device recognised by the Agritechnica 2013 panel of judges with a silver medal.

IsoMatch InDemo is a compact "cartridge" (just 15 centimetres) with an integral Isobus socket that simulates the operation of Kverneland implements in combination with any type of tractor, providing it is equipped with Isobus technology.

The operator interface on the implement is displayed on the versatile IsoMatch Tellus terminal, which provides access also to a host of additional functions. In other words, the device displays the operation of Kverneland implements without having to actually couple them to the tractor, as would otherwise be necessary for conventional field tests.

It follows that the device designed by the Norwegian company is an invaluable resource, not only for agricultural machinery manufacturers and dealers, who can provide their customers – almost instantaneously – with a realistic projection of the operating capabilities of the application, but also for end users, for whom IsoMatch InDemo technology provides a guarantee of transparency regarding compatibility between tractor and implement while also offering ready access to all the information required to understand how the implement will function once it is engaged with the soil.

In short, the sophisticated device presented at Hanover by Kverneland is a reliable predictive tool designed to make modern agricultural practice simpler and more immediate.

by Fabrizio Sereni

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