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Anno 2018 Numero 10-11

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October - November 2018

Italian market: September balance sheet still negative

Registration data on the first nine months of the year is in the red for new tractors, transporters and trailers. The sales of tractors came to 14,353 but should reach a total of some 19,000 units by the end of December, in line with the averages in recent years. The trends in the single regions differed, from down in the Veneto, Piedmont and Lazio Regions and on the up side in the Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Campania

In the year past the Italian agricultural machinery market disclosed a lowering trend for tractors, transporters and trailers. The Ministry of Transport data elaborated by FederUnacoma indicated tractor sales down 5.9% in the first nine months of the year compared to 14,353 total registrations in the same period in 2017. for transporters the drop came to 15.4% with 517 units registered and nearly the same volume for trailers lowered by 0.2% for 7,436 registrations. Also agricultural telescopic showed stability with growth of 0.9 for 554 units registrated. The only category of vehicles in growth is combine harvesters by 2,7% with the limited number of 305 units. The 2018 market is confirming anomalies conditioned by the top end of the forced registrations in 2017 due to requirement of manufacturers to sell off machinery ahead of the 2018 application of the European Union Mother Regulation which led to a blowback lasting for the current year’s first nine months. But there are expectations of 19,000 tractors sold, a substantial result in line with average levels in recent years. Within national data are differing levels for the single regions with the largest drops for the Veneto (by 17.5%), Piedmont (20.2% down) and Lazio (19.5% off) while there were trends running counter in Emilia Romagna, up by 6%, Lombardy (4,5 ahead) in Campania (gaining 10.2%).

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