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McCormick range in the spotlight at Verona

by Giacomo Di Paola
February 2022 | Back

All the flagships of the McCormick range will be on show at the Veronese event, here they are in detail.  
X6.4 P6 Drive Stage V. Equipped with an exhaust after-treatment system, the X6.4 series consists of three models (X6.413, X6.414 and X6.415) powered by FPT NEF 45 4.5-litre, 16-valve, 4-cylinder engines with a maximum power output of 155 Hp. The layout of the engine and transmission allows for a wheelbase of 2,560 mm, guaranteeing not only stability and versatility, but also outstanding manoeuvrability. The P6-Drive transmission with 6 Power Shift gears and 4 ranges offers 24 + 24 ratios, which become 40 + 40 when the creeper is fitted. The closed-centre hydraulic system is equipped with a 123 l/min pump capable of handling up to 7 spool valves. The front power lift can lift up to 2,500 kg, while the electronic rear lift can lift up to 7,200 kg. Another plus of the X6.4 series is the McCormick High Visibility cab with its FOPS-approved panoramic roof and natural ventilation hatch, which enhances the tractor's performance with the M40 front loader and in haymaking operations. It is worth noting that the cab, designed with high quality automotive-derived materials, has mechanical suspensions combined with the front axle suspended with independent arms.

McCormick X7 Short Wheelbase. The McCormick X7 SWB (short wheelbase) is also Stage V compliant thanks to the HI-eSCR2 (DOC+SCRoF) exhaust gas treatment system. The tractors in the range are fitted with the new FTP NEF 45, 16-valve, 4.5-litre 4-cylinder engines and FTP NEF 67, 24-valve, 6.7-litre 6-cylinder engines with Turbo Intercooler and Common Rail electronic injection. There are two models in the series: the McCormick X7.618 VT-Drive, capable of delivering up to 175 Hp thanks to the Power Plus system, and the X7.618 P6-Drive, also with 175 Hp and 6 cylinders. The continuously variable, 4-stage VT-Drive transmission with 4 sets of planetary gears and oil-immersed clutches is highly responsive, while the P6-Drive features 6 Powershift gears under load, 5 robotized ranges and an electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle on the steering wheel. There are a total of 30 forward + 15 reverse gears which, with the Super Reducer, become 54 forward + 27 reverse gears. The Stop & Action system integrates the De-Clutch into the brake pedal, allowing the tractor to be stopped without depressing the clutch for easier driving on the road. The simultaneous use of Stop & Action and APS (Auto Poweshift) allows the P6-Drive transmission to drive in a similar way to VT-Drive.

McCormick X7.6. They are powered by Beta Power Fuel Efficiency engines, with turbocharger and Common Rail injection, 6 cylinders and 24 valves, with power ratings up to 240 Hp. Thanks to the innovative HI-eSCR2 system, the engines are Stage V compliant.  Two transmission versions are available: P6-Drive with 6 powershift gears for 5 ranges, robotised range gearbox and electro-hydraulic steering wheel-mounted shuttle, in manual or automatic versions, and the continuously variable VT-Drive transmission with "Power Zero" system: an automatic system that allows the tractor to remain stationary, without any movement, once the shuttle has been engaged. One of the new features of the X7.6 series is the EazyGrip remote tyre inflation system: the device regulates tyre pressure and automatically stops when the pre-set level is reached (thus reducing soil compaction, fuel consumption and tyre wear).

McCormick X8 VT-Drive Stage V. The range is divided into three models with power and 264, 286 and 310 horsepower, delivered by 6.7-litre Betapower Fuel Efficiency 6-cylinder engines with variable geometry turbocharger, eVGT electronic control and SCR exhaust gas after-treatment system. A strong point is the four-stage continuously variable transmission with speeds of 40 km/h ECO at 1,300 engine rpm and 50 km/h ECO at 1,600 rpm. The X8 VT-Drive Stage V tractors are ready for satellite guidance systems and are equipped with the McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management system.


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