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Technological upgrade for McCormick tractors

by Emanuele Bredice
October - November 2022 | Back

McCormick is launching at EIMA International a series of technological applications designed to improve the comfort, reliability and fuel economy of the Argo Tractors brand's high-end tractors, which affect nearly all its models. The first innovation features the EazyGrip tire monitoring and inflation system. ISOBUS-operated directly from the 12" Data Screen Manager touch monitor, this solution enables the pressure to be adjusted according to activities (transport and processing), automatically stopping when the level pre-set by the operator is reached. As a result, it is easier to maintain optimal tire pressure. The technology developed by the Reggiano group is highly profitable because it reduces soil compaction, lowers fuel consumption and curbs tire wear. The other newcomer to Argo Tractors is the Smart Power Zerosystem which, once the shuttle is activated, allows the tractor to remain stationary in any slope condition until the EasyPilot throttle or joystick is operated. Meanwhile, the Smart Power Zero communicates with the trailer braking system, so the driver does not have to act continuously on the brake pedal. Besides improving the safety of other operators near the work site, the technology developed by Argo Tractors facilitates equipment approach maneuvers when connecting to the tractor. Significant new features for McCormick also come in the cab, which now features an even wider opening rear window and a new monitor bar. Finally, an important option for tractor maintenance is worth mentioning:  the centralized greasing system, available aftermarket, which allows all greasing points on the vehicle to be lubricated through a single point of entry. The centralized greasing system, available aftermarket, allows all greasing points on the vehicle to be lubricated through a single point of entry.


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