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Anno 2016 Numero 10-11

October - November 2016

McCormick: showcasing the complete range with VT-Drive transmission

The complete VT-Drive transmission range is highlighted at the Argo Tractors stand. X8, X7, and X6 are the names of these Series that are technologically advanced with an eye-catching and aggressive look

McCormick arrives at EIMA 2016 with the complete range of tractors with VT-Drive continuous transmission. The top of the range is represented by the X8 Series, which exceeds 300 Hp and is characterized by an aggressive and eye-catching look. The models in the X8 range offer powers of 264, 286, and 310 Hp, provided by 6.7 litre BetaPower Fuel Efficiency Tier4 Final 6-cylinder engines, equipped with a variable geometry turbocharger with eVGT electronic control, and SCR exhaust gas post-processing system. The strength of the X8 Series is the continuously variable transmission in four stages, with speeds of 40km/h ECO at 1,300 rev/min, and 50 km/h ECO at 1,600 r/min.

The high technological level is guaranteed by the ISOBUS certified system (standard) to manage the operation of the equipment compatible with this technology, through a dedicated menu included in the 12-inch touchscreen DSM monitor. The powerful hydraulic system has a closed centre with 157 lt/min load-sensing pump, and can handle up to 10 distributors (6 rear) with 140 lt/min flow rate, electro hydraulically controlled. The rear electronic lift ensures a maximum lifting capacity of 12,000 kg. The rear PTO with electrohydraulic connection offers the three-speed 540E/1000E/1000 as standard. Another standard feature is the front lift with a lifting capacity of 5,000 kg with 1000 rpm front PTO (optional). The front axle is equipped with an electronically controlled double wishbone suspension system, and has oil-bath disc brakes to ensure maximum driving safety and comfort. The X7 VT-Drive Series consists of the three 4-cylinder models X7.440, X7.450, and X7.460, with capacities of 136, 150, and 166 Hp (147,160 and 176 Hp with Power Plus for the X7.460 model) and 4.5 litres of cubic capacity, and two 6-cylinder models (6.7 litre) X7.660 and X7.670 with respective Power Plus capacities of 181 and 195 Hp. All models are equipped with Beta Power Fuel Efficiency engines with Tier 4 Interim emissions. The entire series is equipped with the DSM (Data Screen Manager) touchscreen monitor for managing the tractor’s functions. The McCormick X6 VT-Drive Series offers three 4.5 litre BetaPower Fuel Efficiency Tier 4 Interim engine sizes equipped with the Power Plus system that raises the basic power of 114 Hp, 121 Hp, and 130 Hp respectively to 121 Hp, 133 Hp and 140 Hp. The three models, X6.420, X6.430, and X6.440, come with an innovative Argo Tractors continuously variable 3-stage transmission, an electrohydraulic 4-speed synchronized PTO, a rear lift with 5,400 kg capacity, and a closed centre hydraulic circuit of 110 l/min serving a wide range of configurable distributors: 3 mechanical in the various forms, 3 mechanical and 2 electronically controlled, or the 5 distributor version with electrohydraulic control. For the benefit of comfort in the field and in transport, a cabin suspension and a front axle with independent suspension arms are available as options. A multi-function armrest (VT-Easypilot) and the DSM derived from the X7 Series ensure the control of the tractor’s features. The cabin is also renewed to the highest standards in terms of comfort, low noise, and visibility, in line with the products of the highest-end range.

by Giovanni M. Losavio

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