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McCormick X7.6 VT-Drive, a range of high tech tractors

by the editorial staff
October - November 2020 | Back

During EIMA Digital Preview, McCormick presents the best of its production, revealing the technological and design innovations that have always characterized this brand. The protagonists of the virtual stand are the X7 VT-Drive ranges in Stage V and X6 with the new Red Spirit. The new McCormick X7.6 VT-Drive Stage V tractor is powered by a 6-cylinder, 24 6.7-litre Beta Power Fuel Efficiency engine, with power ranges starting from a minimum of 200 horsepower to a maximum of 240. The SCR system (Selective Catalyst Reduction), with 52-litre AdBlue tank, helps reduce polluting emissions while the passive oxidizing catalyst DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) further reduces pollutants, as required by industry regulations. Another innovative technology of the engine is the BIC system (Best in Class) which improves the use of fuel filters, resulting in a reduction of oil waste. We find top-level features also on the 4-stage VT-Drive continuously variable transmission with 4 sets of planetary gears with oil bath clutches. Thanks to its 4 speed ranges - from a minimum of 0.04 km/h to a maximum of 50 km/h - the transmission is able to provide maximum productivity, always expressing full power both to the wheels (the gearboxes are reinforced) and to the 4-speed power take-off. But the X7 VT-Drive range doesn't only focus on performance. Great importance is given to operator comfort, with the spacious cab with semi-active anti-damping suspension, whose main characteristics are the high quality of materials and the attention to detail. Still on the subject of comfort, we must mention the Eazysteer function which governs the electronic steering modulation, and which is offered in conjunction with the satellite guidance options provided by Topcon Agriculture. The Data Screen Management (DSM) equipped with 5 programmable "MyFunctions" buttons allows you to store several functions, for greater customization of the tractor controls, easing the machine's use. In addition to the ISOBUS protocol, the technological profile of the X7.6 VT-Drive Stage V series is completed by the McCormick Fleet Management system. This allows you to manage a fleet of tractors providing immediate and precise IT information, with geofencing functions to help verify the land that has already been processed and monitor the vehicle's telemetry in real time. In McCormick's virtual stand, the spotlight is also pointed at the X6 series, available for the Italian market with an elegant setup called RedSpirit. This is a special configuration characterized by the Metallic Red livery, the Heavy Black rims, and a standard equipment that includes the suspension system for the cab and suspended axle, the electronic lift, as well as the Agriculture 4.0 packages, which give access to the tax credit benefits.

The three models of the series, X6.35, X6.45 and X6.55, equipped with 3.6-litre 4-cylinder Deutz engines with Common Rail electronic injection, develop powers of 110, 119 and 126 horsepower. These are Tier 4 Final engines, equipped with the innovative exhaust gas recycling (EGR) system in addition to the DOC/SCR post-processing system.

Quality materials, front axle with centre suspension, and mechanical cab suspension offer the operator maximum comfort in the driver's seat and in the field. Among the technological options of the X6 range, McCormick has included the predisposition to the ISObus protocol and the satellite driving as­sistance sy­stem in addition to the above-men­­tioned Fleet Ma­nagement.


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