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Mechanical parts, accessories and spare parts: the big world of EIMA Components

Within EIMA International is held, at the Exhibition Centre of Bologna, the showcase dedicated to components for agricultural machinery, which is the world's leading event of the sector. In addition to supplies for the manufacturers of finished machines, the showcase offers an infinite range of spare parts and accessories for the specific needs of farmers and contractors, who are both interested in each device that may improve and optimise the performance of their machines

by the editorial staff
October - November 2016 | Back

The sector of components has always represented one of the strong points of EIMA International. Established as one of the 14 specialized sectors of the large exhibition of agricultural machinery –  held in Bologna from November 9 to 13 – the exposition dedicated to components has acquired, in the 2006 years, an increasingly visibility. The exposition, called EIMA Components Showcase, has been gaining more exhibition space and hosting an increasingly number of companies. Today, EIMA Components is the world's largest salon of its kind, with 890 specialized exhibiting companies from over 37 countries, such as United States, Germany, Spain, Turkey and Italy, which is one of the countries with the greatest tradition in this sector of mechanics.

Promoted by Comacomp – the Association of the Italian components manufacturers within FederUnacoma – the exposition has become important for all kinds of visitors. Being a part of the large exhibition dedicated to agricultural mechanization allows this exposition to be in direct contact with the big world of industries manufacturing finished machines and demanding reliable and technologically advanced solutions. In this respect, components industries find within EIMA exhibition itself their own customers and industrial partners. At the same time, the fact that the exhibition will attract a huge number of economic operators, farmers and contractors, allows an opening to another large market segment, namely that of spare parts, accessories and the many technologies and personalization systems for machines and for specific demands of companies and operators.

Halls 15, 18, 18bis, 18ter and 20 – dedicated to the EIMA components exposition – will attract many visitors, not only for the quality of the stands, impressively equipped in order to enhance the many brands operating in this sector, but especially for the quality and variety of technologies put on display. From axles to drivers' cabs, from tires to seats, from the gears that make up machines' mechanical core, to electronic control units and on-board computer systems for the management of machines and for securing the control of mechanical functions and safety of operators – all parts of the so-called “precision agriculture” – the Showcase of Components is able to meet the demands of customer industries and individual operators. Each type of visitor recognizes that the sector of components is a powerful driver of innovation in the field of agricultural mechanization. Engineering solutions, electronic systems, innovative materials and avant-garde design, displayed at the Bologna exhibition often represent the elements that improve the performance of machines, making them more competitive and opening new opportunities for customers on the most demanding markets. 



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