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Range extension for the Alliance 590

by Patrizia Menicucci
July - August - September 2022 | Back

New sizes for the Alliance 590 tyre, designed by Yokohama Off-Highway Tires, join the 560/60R22.5 model with the following additional versions: 600/55R26.5, 650/60R26.5, 650/55R26.5, 600/60R30.5, 650/65R30.5, 710/50R30.5 and 750/60R30.5.

The 590 is a heavy duty flotation radial tyre, designed for all types of transport in the agricultural and construction sectors, with a steel belt-reinforced structure to offer increased strength and improved puncture protection.

The non-directional tread has a high solid-to-void ratio that provides excellent traction and allows for reduced soil compaction and a comfortable ride on the road. 

Thanks to the low flexing and high resistance of the compound to cuts and abrasions, the 590 tyres offer excellent stability and long life in various uses. 

Finally, high tread depth, open channels and wide shoulders are the characteristics of the tread design that make the eight tyre models efficiently self-cleaning.

For Angelo Noronha, President of Yokohama OffHighway Tires Europe, "The Alliance 590 is designed to offer new versatility in size, performance and productivity for all transport needs, whether in agriculture or construction.

The result is a true 'win-win package' with clear benefits for end-users".

The 590 in its various variations is sold with insurance cover valid for ten years.


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