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The versatility of the Agriflex +373 hybrid tyre

by Giacomo Di Paola
January 2024 | Back

Yokohama Off-Highway Tyres launches a new tyre on the market that is suitable for both field and road use. Agriflex+ 373, this is the name of the new model, combines the advanced Stratified Layer and VF technologies with innovative processing to enhance performance. The special design of the lugs and block structure give Agriflex+ 373 a distinct versatility in all applications. The introduction of the SLT (Stratified Layer Technology) - explains the Japanese manufacturer - meets the need to prolong traction, while the profile of the central rib of the blocks ensures a smooth ride. In addition, VF (Very High Flexion) technology allows operation at significantly lower pressures. When working in the field, Yokohama's latest Off-Highway Tires ensure a longevity exceeding that of other models and offer optimum traction capabilities until the end of its service life. The sophisticated tread design not only considerably improves grip for ideal driving comfort, but also optimises grip in all working conditions, even the most demanding ones, while the wider-angled lugs and double strips guarantee great stability. The new Yokohama tyre is appreciated for its performance in terms of load capacity. "The Agriflex+ 373 hybrid model offers 40 per cent more load capacity at standard tyre pressure or 40 per cent less pressure at standard tyre load, which - explains Ole Baek, Vice President North & West at Yokohama Off-Highway Tires - translates into greater efficiency.


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