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Stiga, innovative green care solutions

by Giacomo Di Paola
October 2021 | Back

Stiga Swift is the lawn tractor with interchangeable batteries designed by the company for the care of complex gardens, where there are also very narrow passages (which it manages well thanks to its contained 73.5 cm width). Thanks to its compact size and low external steering angle, Swift can move around obstacles with great ease.

Safe and ergonomic, the Stiga electric lawn tractor features a redesigned cutting deck - both in materials and design - to improve collection, facilitate cutting height adjustment and reduce vibrations and noise. Swift is equipped with four ePower batteries that can be disconnected and shared with the rest of Stiga's cordless garden tools (5, 7 and 9 Series). Also in the lawn care and maintenance technology segment, at EIMA 2021 the company will present a robot mower model that combines GPS RTK signal with Stiga's patented AGS (Active Guidance System) predictive technology for a seamless signal and maximum cutting precision. The GPS RTK AGS system uses 4G cloud-based signals that use high-frequency microwaves to pass through walls and foliage, and therefore do not require a "free field". This keeps course correction data transmission stable and allows the machine to continue working with maximum efficiency.

This technology makes the Stig-A an autonomous robot mower capable of operating in just two cutting sessions per day without a perimeter cable or plastic nails in the lawn. To guide it around the perimeter of your garden and obstacles in it, simply use the Stiga.GO App. You only need to do this once for the mower to 'learn' every detail and then work completely independently. The Stig-A is equipped with 6 pivoting blades that rotate at up to 2,400 rpm - offering high cutting performance - and is also able to work on slopes of up to 50%.

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