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T4 FNV: new specialists from New Holland

A new range of innovative and high-performance tractors. From the Blue Cab 4 to 3.4 liter four-cylinder engines and on to the dual-pump hydraulic system, the T4 FNV displays latest generation technologies

by Giovanni M. Losavio
January - February 2017 | Back


New Holland is unveiling the T4 FNV specialty series of tractors for operations in vineyards and fruit orchards at the Paris International Agribusiness Show following the preview of the range at EIMA International 2016. As the manufacturer explained, the T4 FNVs are the most recent arrivals in the family of specialty tractors with a history dating back to 1934 with the launch of the first New Holland mass production of crawler tractors which led to the famous Series Nastro d’Oro and marked the arrival of avant-garde construction technologies. These unique narrow track tractor innovations continued with the 1997 introduction of the hydraulic transmission with steering-column mounted electro-hydraulic shuttle, ideal for a tractor designed to perform numerous manoeuvres between planting rows. In keeping with this tradition, the new T4 FNV Series feature a high profile of technological innovations. 


Blue Cab 4™, safe and comfortable driving

The pressurized Blue Cab 4 system ensures the best protection of the driver from plant treatment products with an EU type-approved filter to EU15695-1:2009 standard and cab to EU 15695-2:2009 pressurization standards, providing superior operator protection. Moreover, a double filtration system with category 2 and a category 4 filters installed in the roof allows the operator to use level 2 protection and then level 4 as required, for example, during a spraying operation. This system extends the life of the filters to lower maintenance costs. The new cab also features the reduction in noise levels from 82 down to 78dB. 


Performance, efficiency and low emissions

The compact T4 FNVs are equipped with 3.4 four-cylinder FPT Common Rail turbocharged engines with power from 75 Hp to 107 Hp, with maximum torque of 444 Nm on the T4.110 VNF at the top of the series.  Other than providing brilliant performance and lowering costs, especially for maintenance, these power plants fully comply with Tier 4A emissions standards thanks to a Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) system and second-generation Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) technology.

Compact size, great productivity

The New Holland T4 FNVs are certain to be welcomed on the market for a host of other features, including large rear hitch lift capacities available with an electronic draft control system to provide more precise rear hitch control. Also a front three-point hitch with PTO ensures greater versatility in  operations between rows. The heavy-duty front hitch has a lift capacity up to 1,970 kilograms, double the capacity of the previous model. The redesigned front PTO works with a purely hydraulic PTO clutch that is directly linked to the engine shaft and delivers 93 PTO Hp, 7% more than the previous model. Also new is the dual-pump hydraulic system featuring a hydraulic pump with a flow of 80l/min entirely dedicated to the implements. It has three open-center load-sensing rear remotes with one diverter valve and up to 8 outlets and mid-mount electrohydraulic valves in a new compact layout to improves mid-mount implement applications. These changes allow the driver to manage more implements simultaneously to improve the operator’s comfort and productivity. Other features to cover as pluses for the series are the facilitated installation of mid-mounted implements and the Engine Speed Management (ESM) system which compensates for  fluctuations in engine load while maintaining the desired engine speed.


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