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Trekker 4: Landini presents the upgrade

by Giovanni M. Losavio
February 2022 | Back

The beginning of the year continues to bring important news from Landini. After the launch of the new 6R Series, the manufacturer from Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia) presents a further upgrade of the Trekker 4 tracked tractors, which were already subject to a major restyling in 2020. The most significant innovation introduced by the Emilia-based manufacturer concerns the platform, which is now completely suspended from both the wagon and the engine compartment.

This solution - Landini explains in a note - insulates the driver's seat from both heat and vibrations, significantly improving operator comfort. Other improvements include a new design for the side control console and an even wider front and side view for greater control over the working area and surrounding areas.

Staying in the driver's seat, the four Trekker series tractors (4-085, 4-095, 4-105, 4-110 and 4-120), with power ratings from 75 to 112 horsepower, can be equipped with the 6-pillar cab which, equipped with a category 2 filtration system and air conditioning, further protects the driver from dust, noise and the elements.

Powered by a Stage V engine with passively regenerating DPF particulate filter and DOC oxidation catalyser (for models above 56 kW, the SCR selective emission reduction catalyser and 10.5 litre AdBlue tank are also fitted), the new Trekkers have the same dimensions as the Stage IIIB family.

As the manufacturer points out, these dimensions are particularly suited to working in orchards (F version) and on mountainous terrain (M version).

The transmission is of the 16 + 8 speed type and operates with a synchronised shuttle, but can be configured with overdrive to increase the top speed to 15 km/h or with creeper for a minimum speed of 300 metres per hour.

The Trekker range upgrade also allowed Fabbrico's engineers to improve the rear lift, which has been upgraded from the previous version (load capacity can reach 4.5 tonnes) and enhanced with the ELS option (Ergonomic Lift System facilitates and optimises lift control).

The two lifts, rear and front, are controlled by a dual pump hydraulic circuit: a 28.5 l/min pump for steering and a 42 l/min pump for spool valves and two lifts.

The Trekker's basic equipment includes three rear hydraulic distributors, to which two more can be added as options, up to a maximum of 5, with 6 front quick couplings and a flow regulator (optional).

The tracks are available in either rubber or steel. For the Trekker Frutteto models, the track width is 1,100 mm and the semi-lubricated steel tracks start at 310 and go up to 360 mm wide.

The Trekker Montagna, on the other hand, has a track width of 1,300 mm and 400 or 450 mm chains. For both variants, M and F, the rubber soles are 400 mm wide, with track widths of 1,132 mm (F) and 1,300 mm (M).


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