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Versatility and performance in the new Landini utility

by Fabrizio Sereni
March - April 2021 | Back

From transport to seeding, from haymaking to tillage, Landini's new utility tractor model 5-085 is a versatile work tool that can adapt to a wide variety of uses. Landini's latest model is powered by an FTP F34 Turbo Intercooler Common Rail 4-cylinder, 8-valve engine - with a displacement of 3.4 liters. The engine provides 75 horsepower and stands out for its towing capacity and ease of work, even in the most demanding conditions.

Equipped with EGR, DOC, DPF technology, the FTP engine is a Stage V without SCR and urea, therefore it is appreciated for the significant reduction in operating costs. Yet the real feather in the 5-085's cap is its torque of 375 Nm at 1,400 rpm, which means that, in terms of performance, the new Landini utility has nothing to envy to more powerful machines and even better fuel economy. A further asset of this model is its Integrated Brake System, which couples the rear brakes with the front oil-bath brakes integrated into the axle (sturdy but small enough to enhance the compactness and agility of the tractor thanks to a 1590 mm inter-flange), thus ensuring maximum safety on the road.

Thanks to this manufacturing concept, the Fabbrico group has considerably reduced the braking distance (-50%, according to the manufacturer). Furthermore, the brake activation technology, which depends on the pressure exerted on the pedals, has made it possible to increase the braking precision.

The operational versatility of the 5-085 model is also enhanced by the front loader, designed with the chassis not reducing ground clearance or limiting the turning radius of the tractor. Controlled by the user through a dedicated ergonomic joystick, the loader features two nitrogen accumulators between the cylinders, which carry out linear and uniform work. Power and agility also feature the mechanically-controlled rear lift, which is precise and easy to use thanks to the ELS (Ergonomic Lift System). The implements can be easily and quickly coupled since the controls are both in the cab and repeated on the mudguard. With a 2 category 3-point hitch, the rear lift has a capacity of up to 3,900 kilos, while the front lift has a capacity of 1,700 kilos. The hydraulic circuit has a double pump and can therefore efficiently manage the 5 hydraulic distributors (3 rear and 2 ventral) through a dedicated flow rate of 56 l/min (32 liters are directed to the steering).

When designing the new tractor, Landini's technicians also paid great attention to the operator's comfort in the driver's seat. As a matter of fact, the four-pillar cab, with its large windows, provides a panoramic view of the working area. At the same time, the four silent blocks absorb vibrations and oscillations, ensuring a protected environment with optimal soundproofing. Also of note in terms of cab comfort is the new joystick (which provides particularly intuitive control of implements and functions such as the Hi-Lo and H-M-L of the 36+12 transmission or 48+16 when e­quip­ped with a creeper); the tilt and depth adjustable steering wheel; the lowered and transparent roof, which enables the operator to enter narrow spaces easily and offer a complete view during front loader operations.



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