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X7.6 P6-Drive, McCormick comfort and performance

At the Bologna event, McCormick presents the X7.6 P6-Drive series, which features the introduction of innovative technological solutions, starting with the 6 Powershift and 5 range transmission that includes the Stop & Action and Smart Auto Powershift functions, the Engine Brake system and the front independent suspension, which improves the grip and stability of the tractor

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2018 | Back

Power and technological innovation are the protagonists of the McCormick exhibition spaces at EIMA International, featuring the X7.6 P6-Drive series, former finalist in the Tractor of the Year 2019 competition. The range comprises five models (X7.650, X7.660, X7.670, X7.680, X7.690) with powers ranging from 151 to 225 Hp, powered by a 24-valve, 6.7-litre engine, a Stage IV / Tier 4Final that exploits the DOC and SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) system for the treatment of exhaust gas and avoids the use of the DPF (resulting in lower maintenance costs), while the Cooling Matrix system facilitates the opening and cleaning of under-bonnet radiators. Engine Brake technology, on the other hand, optimizes braking: the turbocharger throttle reduces engine revs, thus activating the engine brake in combination with the rear brakes. The redesigned transmission has 30 forward speeds and 15 reverse speeds thanks to 6 Powershift gears and 5 ranges. The speeds become 54 and 27 respectively when adopting the creeper option. The automatic switching between the gears and the ranges is made possible by the Smart Auto Powershift function.

In this way, the machine is always working with the most suitable gear for the task at hand.

Two configurations are envisaged for the X7.6 P6-Drive model. The Premium version, equipped with CCLS closed centre hydraulic system up to 160l/min and up to 8 electro-hydraulic distributors, features the 12” DSM touch screen monitor that can manage a rear/front camera and the Advanced HMF management for the optimal management of all headland operations.

The Efficient version offers many of the same features as the Premium, but is distinguished by the presence of an open-centre 88 l/min hydraulic system.

The news on the X7.6 P6-Drive series also includes the driver’s seat. The spacious cabin is quieter thanks to the use of materials derived from the automotive sector, while the steering wheel is presented with inserts in satined steel. Driving comfort it provided by the Eazysteer function for electronic steering modulation, which is offered together with the satellite guidance options provided by Topcon Agriculture.

Also regarding the issue of comfort, we should mention the possibility of adjusting the rigidity of the cab suspension both through the Semi-Active anti-Damping electro-hydraulic system and through the mechanical absorption of impacts and vibrations.

The driving experience is further improved by the independent front suspension that, especially in the road travel phase, optimizes the grip and stability of the tractor.

Meanwhile, the Stop & Action system gives the P6-Drive a fluidity of gear comparable to that of a continuously variable gearbox because it allows to manage the tractor’s accelerating and braking through the brake pedals, which also perform the function of De-Clutch.

Finally, the X7.6 P6-Drive series is equipped with the McCormick Fleet Management technology, a system designed to measure vehicle efficiency in terms of consumption, working hours and maintenance reports.

This data is stored in a portal where the fleet manager can closely monitor the machine’s operating cycles and, therefore, maximize its activity and monitor its operating costs.


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