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Anno 2018 Numero 10-11

October - November 2018

BCS, news on all ranges

Not just tractors, but also new-generation motor mowers and walking tractors. In Bologna, the brand of Abbiategrasso (Milan) offers many innovations in the haymaking segment with disc mowers for mountain uses, and in the specialized tractor segment with the L65 and L80 tractors

As usual, the appointment with EIMA International marks the launch of important new product for BCS. In the segment of motor mowers with continuously variable hydrostatic transmission, we see the debut of model 635 HY PowerSafe® intended for use with front equipment and equipped with lever control on the steering wheel, so the operator can continuously vary the speed and direction of the machine. Conceived to offer an optimal number of ratios for every working requirement, the lever control is a guarantee of comfort, especially when working with frequent changes of direction (for grass mowing and landscaping, for example). The hydrostatic pump-motor unit is of light alloy to improve the machine’s manoeuvrability. Characterized by a high pressure circuit separated from that of the PowerSafe® clutch, the BCS 635 HY PowerSafe® motor mower is equipped with an axial-centrifugal fan and a heat exchanger for cooling the hydrostatic unit.Soon, the sector of power mowers with hydraulic PowerSafe® clutch will see the debut of a complete range of vehicles compliant with safety standard EN 12733. The new line - we read in a technical note from BCS - sees the adoption of the exclusive PowerSafe hydraulic clutch in oil bath with built-in automatic brake, but also other technologies aimed at improving the functionality and ergonomics of the applications. The field of rotary cultivators sees a range update with the 770 HY PowerSafe®: a model - the first from the BCS brand with a continuously variable hydrostatic transmission - designed to provide comfort (the driving rods are reversible at 180°), safety and precision. “The 770 HY PowerSafe® rotary cultivator - reports the Abbiategrasso (Milan) company - is also available with a Honda GX390 electric starter engine and a 10 Hp Yanmar LN100 diesel engine, also available in both self-winding and electric versions. Also in this case, the new BCS products for haymaking bring an extension of the range with the Rotex Edelweiss AS6 and AS7. These are front disc mowers, designed for mountain work, on steep slopes and to be combined with all types of tractors, including equal-wheeled and special ones. Offered with 6 and 7 discs (up to 2.85 metres wide), the Edexweiss Rotex are now even lighter and more compact thanks to the redesign of the frame, the transmissions and the control box of the bar. The gears of the bar are in oil bath with disc flanges and torque limiter to avoid damage from violent shocks, and the bar itself is protected by a synthetic cloth, while the clutches and the free wheels (to protect the transmissions) work in a closed casing in an oil bath integrated into the control support behind the first disc. News coming soon for the tractors segment, where BCS proposes the L65 equal-wheeled tractor with 56 Hp Kohler engine. Equipped with OS-Frame chassis and 24-speed transmission (12 FWD + 12 REV), the L65 series includes 8 versions to meet all the needs of specialized processing (rows of vineyards and orchards also in sloping areas, greenhouses, landscaping and forage mowing) and is available with central articulation (AR), with steering wheels (RS) or configured for hay-making (MT). The high-range equal-wheeled tractors greet the launch of the new L80N series characterized by a driving position designed for comfort and ergonomics (suspended pedals for a relaxing and comfortable drive, reversible version with suspended platform on silent block, possibility of cabins with air conditioning and heating). Supercharged by a turbo Intercooler with EGR coupled with a DOC catalytic converter to reduce emissions and increase operating efficiency without the need for regeneration, the L80N series is offered in 6 articulated versions (AR) or steering wheels (RS). The equal-wheeled tractor wheels and the low centre of gravity, together with the compact dimensions and the narrow track, allow the tractor to move with agility and ease even among the narrowest rows.


by Giovanni M. Losavio

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