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BCS presents the new Stage V ranges

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October 2021 | Back

After the teaser presented at the EIMA Digital Preview, the BCS Group is ready to launch on the market its new range of specialised tractors with Stage V engines and a brand new mid-range tractor with high technological content and features. The R&D department - explains a technical note from the Abbiategrasso (Milan)-based company - has been working on the new range, concentrating in particular on the technological evolution of the models, on design, comfort and ergonomics, and on mechanical, hydraulic and electronic upgrades, as well as on an expansion of the available options. Here are all the new features from BCS.

Iso 35 range (Bcs Invictus 35, Ferrari Cromo 35, Pasquali Siena 35). These are single-direction isodiametric tractors, available in AR and RS versions with 8 AV + 4 RM transmission and powered by an 1100 cc 3-cylinder Kubota engine delivering 25 horsepower. Characterised by its small size, the new Stage V engine delivers 71.5 Nm of torque and offers an independent PTO on the 3-cylinder RS version.  New graphics on the bonnet highlight the brand and restore its originality. A further new feature common to the Stage V emission range is the repositioning of the rear-view mirrors, which contributes to the look of the machine and more beneficial when working close to vegetation with the bow raised.

DT 35 series (Bcs Vivid 35, Ferrari Raptor 35, Pasquali Era 35). It consists of compact models with a traditional chassis, equipped with a 12 AV + 12 RM transmission with synchronised reverse shuttle and powered by the new 1400 cc, 25.5 hp, 4-cylinder Kohler KDW1404 engine. The lower revving engine is rated at just under 19 kW and offers an impressive 78 Nm of torque. The addition of the rev-regulator makes the KDW1404 more lively and gives it better load response, mitigating the power cut required for Stage V. The transmission uses a new pair of gears in 4th gear to maintain the 30 km/h top speed.

ISO 60 line (Bcs Valiant 60, Ferrari Cobram 60, Pasquali Eos 60). In this power bracket, legislation requires the adoption of a particulate filter, and the choice of a 3-cylinder engine - a Kohler KDI 1903TCR with 49 Hp and 1900 cc Turbo Intercooler - has allowed the Lombardy-based company to keep the engine overhang as low as possible despite the installation of the DPF. The engine has the same power as the previous Tier 3A model but a significant increase in torque from 170 to 190 Nm. The range of ISO 60 Stage V isodiametric tractors, equipped with a 12 AV + 12 RM transmission with synchronised reverse shuttle, is made up of models with central articulation or steering wheels, also available with a reversible driver's seat. In addition to the automotive-style headlamps with polyellipsoidal headlamps, other new features in this series include an even larger 54-litre fuel tank (+25% compared to the previous version); an external battery disconnector accessible from the driver's seat; a cluster instrument with a colour TFT display and additional features including a diagnostics menu; and a reinforced PTO shaft to increase component durability.

ISO 85 range with platform (Bcs Vithar 85, Ferrari Thor 85, Pasquali Mars 85). The ISO 85 single-direction or reversible isodiametric tractors use a 16 AV + 16 RM transmission with synchronised reverse shuttle, powered by a Kohler KDI 1903TCR 4-cylinder Turbo Intercooler engine that delivers 75 horsepower. Despite the introduction of the DPF, BCS Group engineers have succeeded in lowering the height of the bonnet by almost 8 cm compared to the previous Tier IIIB model, thus improving visibility. Other new features include the cluster instrument with renewed graphics and the new 58-litre fuel tank with a capacity of 7 litres more than the previous one. The Self Cleaning System and the Agriculture 4.0 kit for Italy are available as optional extras.

ISO 85 range with platform (Bcs Volcan 85, Ferrari Vega 85, Pasquali Orion 85). The reversible isodiametric models wi­th platform use an electro-hydraulic controlled clutch.

Another important innovation is the introduction of a new automotive con­trol unit with proprietary software. The combination of control unit and software has allowed the manufacturer to optimise the electro-hydraulic clutch and to equip the tractors (as standard) with some exclusive features, starting with the Power clutch system which, by means of the button on the lever, allows the operator to change gear without using the clutch pedal. The Smart Brake & Go, on the other hand, is a system that can be activated at the touch of a button, allowing the machine to be stopped and restarted simply by pressing the brake pedal, i.e. without using the clutch, while the Easy plus technology always guarantees progressive engagement without tearing or wear.

The new joystick uses the CAN-bus system and integrates both the PTO button and the potentiometer to control the hydraulic flow.

The armrest, which can be adjusted longitudinally, is more compact, giving the operator more space and comfort. The ISO 85 range with platform also features a new compact bonnet that is almost 8 cm lower than the previous one. Available with 16 AV + 16 RM transmission with synchronised shuttle and in AR - RS - DUALSTEER - MT versions, the ISO 85 with platform has the same engine as the models with platform.

SDT 85 range (Bcs Eagle 85, Ferrari Draco 85, Pasquali Dionis 85). This is a range of tractors with differentiated wheels and a cantilever engine (the same engine as the ISO 85), equipped with 16 AV + 16 RM transmission with synchronised reverse shuttle. Offered with a platform driving position – single-direction (in versions: RS - DUALSTEER) - the SDT 85s have an electro-hydraulic clutch equipped with a power clutch system, Smart brake & go and Easy plus technology. The redesigned joystick and pedals provide more space and comfort for the operator. On this range of machines, the new design of the low bonnet is even more prized and defines a better balance between the volumes of the engine compartment and the low-profile, pressurised and cat. 4 approved Compact Pro cab. The available options include the Self Cleaning System and the Agriculture 4.0 kit for Italy.



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