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Anno 2021 Numero 1 - 2

January - February 2021

Corsa 450, the Mascar gull-wing baler

Corsa 450 is the name of the latest addition for Mascar, a Vicenza-based company that has been designing and manufacturing round balers, bale wrappers, pneumatic and mechanical seeders since 1998.

The Corsa 450 follows the family feeling of the Corsa range and is an evolution of the previous 350 model. This is a fixed-chamber cylindrical bale press with a roller system and 41 bars that is 230 cm wide and high, 390 cm long and weighs 2,200 kg.

New features of the new version include the new sturdy side covers, made of thermoformed material with a gull-wing opening for easy and safe access to the baler box. The minimal need for power absorption, which translates into lower costs for the user, allows the baler to be used even with small tractors, suitable for example for work in the mountains. 170 cm or 200 cm pickup (L model) with alternative conveyor to the packer. Access ladder to binding systems - twine or net or both - as standard.

The elements that characterise the Corsa range are still the same. Extreme manoeuvrability of the machine, which allows it to work in special conditions such as narrow or hard-to-access spaces and on sloping terrain, while maintaining versatile performance for baling hay, straw and silage. Reliable and easy-to-maintain chain and bar drive system.

Possible accessories for the Corsa series include: three different control units (M50, M100, automatic M200), automatic chain lubrication, ejector, fixed, adjustable and iron pick-up wheels, 15" and 19" wheels.

Mascar chromatic livery guaranteed, as always, by the use of a two-component paint that not only offers a brilliant aesthetic finish to the vehicle, but also makes it more resistant to mechanical wear and weathering, for a longer life cycle of the machine.


by Patrizia Menicucci

Keywords: Mascar Round balers

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