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Monster round balers, ISOBUS debuts

by Fabrizio Sereni
December 2022 | Back

Monster is a variable chamber round baler that produces bales between 80 and 170 centimetres in diameter and is one of Mascar's bestsellers. At EIMA International the company from Grumolo delle Abbadesse (Vicenza) presented an implementation of the Monster 870 model that marked the debut of ISOBUS technology. The introduction of the ISOBUS protocol - explains the manufacturer in a technical note - facilitates round baler management operations from the tractor cab and represents a response to all those operators in the sector who already use digital in agriculture. The restyling of the vehicle has only affected its technological equipment; the Veneto-based company has retained all the traditional strong points of the Monster series, starting with the intuitive and convenient interface (also maintained with the ISOBUS system). Designed for professional use, versatile and with a high production yield, Mascar's round balers are popular for their strength and operating speed (up to 15 or 20 kilometres per hour, according to the manufacturer's data). But, above all, for their ability to work with different types of crop, from hay to straw. The pickup (up to 2.25 metres wide) is designed to ensure an even flow at all times, minimising product loss, while the baling chamber (with two tensioning arms) allows the bale to be formed evenly from the earliest stages of harvesting, guaranteeing a high level of control over the heart of the bale itself. The 3 endless belts maintain an optimal degree of tension at all times, which improves baling with as little loss of product as possible. The type of binding available is net and/or twine (net or twine+net). The available blades range from 7, in the EASYCUT model, to 15, in the CUT model. In both cases it is possible to hydraulically exclude all the blades or half of them, resulting in various possible configurations.


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