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Cutting-edge solutions for Nobili shredders and sprayers

One of the most anticipated novelties of the Nobili stand at EIMA International is NMI technology, a system that alerts the operator when problematic situations arise in the operation of the forage harvester. The Bolognese company's new machines for shredding and pesticide treatments are also on display

by Giacomo Di Paola
October - November 2018 | Back

NMI. This is the acronym for Nobili Mulching Interface. It is a sensor system with Android/IOS app designed to monitor in real time the basic parameters of operation of a forage harvester. The purpose is to alert the operator in case the rotor speed thresholds are exceeded, or in other risk situations such as those related to the oil temperature of the multiplier and the vibrations of the rotor. In these cases, the system suggests maintenance measures calibrated on the general state of the machine. Among the displayed parameters there is also the total and partial working time. The control unit has a GPS tracker and stores all the cases in which the thresholds are exceeded from the beginning of the machine’s life. The GSM module makes it possible to send data to the farm management software.

Geo and Antis. Geo and Antis present themselves with the new 1000, 1500 and 2000 litre tanks, developed thanks to the synergies between technicians and designers. The line is attractive and modern, combining aesthetics with ergonomics and efficiency. Other important innovations concern the increase in space dedicated to the pump maintenance and the repositioning of the electric control solenoid valves, no longer in sight, placed under an ergonomic dashboard with an opening flap (so you can adjust the pressure). The constructive solution adopted by the Emilian company is very beneficial as it prevents possible contamination of the solenoid valves with pesticides. Finally, we must mention the creation of a new tank compartment with a premixer function, which are added to the hand and system wash tanks.

BV and BVR. It is a new generation of shredders for vineyards and orchards, with working widths between 1 and 2.4 m. Made of high-strength steel, the BV and BVR are equipped with heavy hammers, three counter-blades (standard), dismountable rollers and can be equipped with harvesting teeth. The BV range is divided into the two 10 series and 100 series lines, the first with a central fixed rudder, the second with a movable, mechanical or hydraulic rudder. The frontal version of the 100 series is the BVR range, which splits into two lines, differentiated by the rudder and the tractor attachment. This new generation of shredders was created with a low rounded profile and without protrusions, in order to get close to the plants without difficulty. The opening of the inlet is expanded, for the introduction and the shredding of a considerable number of branches. The support roller with removable bottoms is adjustable in two positions, forward and back.

BC 6500 P. These are shredders designed for the management of open field crop residues. These machines are increasingly widespread because the fine shredding that they are designed for allows to solve many agronomic problems (the corn borer, for example). The BC 6500 P range is characterized by a high box frame (made of high-strength steel and sheet metal), double counter-blades and for the option to rest during the work phase either on wheels or on rollers. The mechanical details of these shredders are designed for professional applications that require many hours of work coupled to tractors with power ranging from 200 to 450 Hp (third and fourth category attachments). For road transport, the user can fold in the application’s heads, while the electronic Folding Control is optional, allowing the folding only when the two rotors have stopped completely, thus protecting the transmissions from mechanical damage.


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