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Anno 2015 Numero 12

December 2015

Fieragricola: a prestigious "preview" with the Eurasco assembly

The 2016 edition of the international exhibition of Verona will be announced with the assembly of the European federation of agricultural fairs, scheduled for February 2. On the organizational front, the news regards the allocation of the pavilions and the arrangement of the product sectors

Innovation will be the theme of Fieragricola in Verona on February 3 to 6, 2016. Edition number 112 sees the organizational collaboration of FederUnacoma under the agreement signed before last summer. After revolutionizing the dates (from Wednesday to Saturday, excluding Sunday), it is focusing on new technologies and the new green revolution, destined to promote a path of sustainability (environmental, economic, employment) that can no longer be postponed.

This is not only the belief of analysts and economists, but also of the agricultural system of European exhibitions, which will meet at Veronafiere on 2 February 2016: a sort of preview of Fieragricola, thanks to the assembly of Eurasco the European Federation of trade fairs dedicated to agriculture, which gathers 31 events in 21 countries.

“The meeting will be a cause for celebration for the first 50 years of Eurasco - said the secretary general of the European Federation, Giovanni Colombo, representing Fieragricola of Verona - but also to discuss the state of agriculture in the world and promote a dialogue between the international main players of exhibitions dedicated to the primary sector. We are honoured that the celebrations of the 50th fall on the eve and during Fieragricola, one of the events that contributed to the growth of the agricultural sector, promoting innovation since 1898”.

Exhibitors and farmers are also keenly awaiting the opportunities made available by the Italian Law of Stability, which could facilitate the resumption of agricultural mechanization in Italy. And this thanks to the establishment of a fund at INAIL of 45 million euros for 2016 and 35 million for 2017. The allocated resources are intended to help improve health and safety in the workplace, but it would support the replacement of a fleet of agricultural machines and tractors that is among the most obsolete of the European Union.

“Furthermore, Fieragricola - says the Director General of VeronaFiere, Giovanni Mantovani - comes at a strategic moment in the calendar, when the tenders on the measures for the modernization of agricultural farms of the various regional rural development programmes have been issued or are about to be published”. And despite the difficulties experienced by the agricultural sector, farmers intend to invest to keep up with new technologies, which enable the reduction of business costs.

The new layout and the innovations

The layout of Fieragricola has been renewed, to ensure greater flexibility and a more rational tours of the fairgrounds by visitors who, thanks to the cross-sectional nature of the event, are farmers, breeders, contractors, producers of fruit and vegetables, cereals, oil, wine, but also bioenergy, rural hospitality entrepreneurs, and veterinarians.

This is how the product categories have been divided in the exhibition centre.


Hall 1      Agricultural machinery, equipment and technologies

Hall 2      Seeds and chemicals for agriculture       
                Systems and equipment for protected crops            
                Machinery and equipment for landscaping            
                Machinery and equipment for forestry    
                Renewable energy in agriculture (solid bioenergy, from wood and crop residues)

Halls 4-5                 Machinery and equipment for viticulture
                Machinery and equipment for fruit production

Halls 6-7                 Agricultural machinery, equipment and technologies

Halls 9-10               Animal exhibitions and competitions      
                Farm animals         

Hall 11    Technologies and products for animal husbandry

Hall 12    Renewable energy in agriculture (biogas and biomethane)   
                Services for agriculture and livestock     



Outside area A        Demo areas: machinery and equipment in motion (open field and vineyard)

Outdoor areas B-D Agricultural machinery and equipment

Outdoor area for halls 2-4      Machinery and equipment for forestry

Outdoor area for halls 9-11    Technologies and equipment for animal husbandry 


by the editorial staff

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