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GGP Group: an ambitious summer

by the editorial staff
July - September 2014 | Back


The Global Garden Products Group and Gianni Ferrari – the leading manufacturer of commercial ground care equipment and professional riding mowers – signed an agreement for the manufacture the GGP range of commercial implement carriers to be marketed under the Stiga Titan product range. The Stiga Titan machines will be assembled at the Officine Bieffebi plant in Gonzaga, parent company of the Gianni Ferrari. Franco Novello, the senior vice president for Integrated Operations at GGP, spoke of “a strategic collaboration on production, which can potentially lead to a technical cooperation, aimed at further developing both current and future product ranges.” The benefits and future prospects resulting from this cooperation were confirmed by Claudio Ferrari, the Gianni Ferrari CEO, who affirmed, “We are proud to provide our skills and specific expertise to produce Titan, one of the flagship models of Stiga, the premium brand of GGP.”

Another new development for the GGP Group corporate structure is set for September 1, 2014, when the newly founded GGP Austria GmbH takes on responsibility for sales and marketing of all GGP products in Austria. Shareholders are the Veneto GGP Group and GGP's long-term distribution partner in Austria, Zimmer Handelsgesellschaft mbH.

To round out the busy summer for GGP was the report of the hiring of Andrea Luzi for the sales team staff. Over the past 14 years some 10,000 people have ensured the success of the group with their professional expertise. Massimo Bottacin, vice president of Group Human Resources, commented, “Human resources have always been a significant heritage for our group. Profound economic changes involving the entire world have had repercussions on the group as well which has had to carry out a profound company reorganization following which however came a substantial centralization of corporate operations in central Italy and the great need to enhance the value of every single human resource.” Following the concentration of operations in headquarters in the Veneto, the Research & Development division and also Product Management and Marketing have been strengthened most.  


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