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Hydrostatic transmission for the BCS StarGate range

by the editorial staff
December 2020 | Back

There is news in the BCS single-axle segment, with the introduction of the hydrostatic transmission - developed by the R&D department of the company from Abbiategrasso (Milan) - to replace the mechanical one.  The new design of BCS walking tractors and motor mowers responds to the need to make the work of a wide range of users, from hobby farmers to professional farmers, even easier.

Unlike what happens with mechanical transmissions, hydrostatic transmissions allow you to adjust the forward speed without having to change gear. To increase or decrease the machine’s forward speed, and therefore adapt to different ground conditions, all the operator needs to do is vary the position of the EasyGrip lever positioned on the right handlebar.

The engine and PTO run at a constant speed, which translates into an increase in the traction of the two wheels and, at the same time, a reduction in the machine’s energy consumption. 

The hydrostatic transmission is particularly effective on uneven ground, on slopes and, more generally, in all those situations that require frequent speed changes. Lastly, the new StarGate range offers the operator higher levels of comfort thanks to the redesign of the handlebar, with motorcycle-inspired levers that are easier to operate than previous models, and include non-slip grips.


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