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The CUT.25 system Mascar favors quality

by the editorial staff
October - November 2018 | Back

The quality of the forage is essential for the proper feeding and, therefore, for the health of livestock.  From this point of view, the product storage and conservation procedures are of no less importance.  What can make a difference, both from the point of view of working in the field and from the silage one, are the product chopping operations, because, thanks to them, it is possible to optimize the subsequent mixing phase, with significant savings in terms of time and costs.  And so this has opened up Mascar decision to equip its Diavel 630 and Diavel 630 Multiwrap fixed-chamber round balers with the new “CUT.25” cutting. system. «The cutting unit – as explained in a manufacturer’s note – is equipped with 25 knives that ensure a sharp and constant chopping process, with a theoretical cutting length of 42 mm regardless of the type of material used. In this way, compared to the traditional shredding systems, it is possible to obtain bales of even higher density and therefore ready for distribution in the stables ». The baler pick-up is equipped with large lateral augers and a spiral rotor  with three rows of high-strength steel teeth, to ensure a continuous flow of product inside the pressing chamber.  A constructive solution, this one, that allows minimizing material losses. The chopping device is operated by the operator through the computer in the cab of the tractor, with which it is possible to set the use of all 25 knives or of only 12, thus giving priority to the cutting length. Of course, it is also possible to totally exclude the cutting system.  


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