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Anno 2019 Numero 10

October 2019

The maximum reliability of the BCS motor

Time for new products at BCS. The Abbiategrasso company seized the opportunity of Agrilevante to present the restyling of its motor mowers. A technical note from the manufacturer states that the innovations involved not so much the design as the mechanics, including several ergonomic touches, designed to make the range even more reliable and comfortable. These are not substantial changes but small refinements, aimed at improving the constructive profile of the models without distorting the basic architecture. On the other hand, the BCS motor mowers have always adopted innovative technologies, including the PowerSafe oil-immersed hydraulic clutch, or proposed solutions ahead of time, such as the compliance with the new safety regulation EN 12733 not yet in force. The BCS motor mowers are available with petrol or diesel fuel, and with a power range from 4.8 to 16 horsepower. At the Bari exhibition complex, the spotlights are also on the BCS equal-wheeled tractors which, thanks to their technical features and dedicated fittings, give their best on Mediterranean crops. The Valiant L65, powered by 56 Hp Kohler, and the Vithar L80N with Kohler 4-cylinder common rail 75 Hp engine, feature prominently. These are compact machines, with a low centre of gravity and small turning radius, offering top level performance in olive groves, vineyards and orchards. The debut of the Easy Drive Premium electro-hydraulic reverser is worth mentioning. “The electronic management of the reverse - the manufacturer explains with a note - replaces the mechanical sequence of pressing the brake pedal, followed by pressing the clutch to engage the gear and, finally, releasing it”. In short, to change the direction of travel, it is sufficient to operate on a lever on the steering wheel: a simple movement of the hand and the tractor brakes, changes direction, and starts again. This offers great advantages in terms of precision, speed and manoeuvrability.

by Giovanni M. Losavio

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