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Tillers and specialists, the new BCS range

by Giovanni M. Losavio
February - March 2018 | Back

The new year began for BCS at Fieragricola with the presentation of the new 770HY PowerSafe two-wheel tractor. This model is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission which is reversible and multifunctional with a PowerSafe hydraulic oil bath clutch. The 770 HY PowerSafe is the first BCS two-wheel tractor with a hydrostatic forward motion transmission that can be continuously adjusted with 2 speed ranges. With only one lever on the handlebar, the operator can continuously vary the speed and direction of the machine; this means an unlimited amount of gears are available for all operating requirements. The lever control ensures high operation comfort especially during greens maintenance, snow removal and typical municipality use, which involves many direction changes. The 770 HY PowerSafe complies with the European standard EN 709+A4 regulation. This model was not the only Abbietegrasso (Milan) based manufacturer’s debut. BCS also launched the new Volcan L80 specialist tractor powered by electronically operated Stage IIIB 75 Hp Kohler engines which comply with the EU Stage IIIB emission control standard. The transmission can be equipped with an electronically, operated reverser with EasyDrive electronic handling.

The convenient lever on the left of the steering wheel allows the operator to reverse the driving direction without lifting hands from the steering wheel and without using the clutch pedal, while keeping the vehicle in control at all times. Another strong point for this model and all those in the Volcan range is their great maneuverability thanks to their short wheelbase and compact size. At work, the L80 takes advantage of a low center of gravity and excellent weight distribution on the axles with the rear lift in operation. Also noteworthy for the L80 SDT version with differentiated wheels is the Compact Airtech pressured cab given EU category 4 type, approval for the protection of the driver from toxic plant treatment emissions. With the introduction of the 75 HP Volcan the BCS Group tractor range is completed with 11 versions now on the market to meet the various needs of crop operations.


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