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At EIMA Show, the John Deere complete team

From the 5R series to the 7310R model, from the 6215R to the 8370R, 8400R, the company has deployed all the precious pieces of its collection in Casalina di Deruta. The 5R, 6115MC, 6155M, 6250R, 8400R and MTB S770 models are also highlighted

by Giacomo Di Paola
July - August - September 2018 | Back

The American company has been the protagonist at the EIMA Umbrian Show, thanks to the concessionary Sgalla of Piediripa of Macerata, with examples of its rich range that have carried out demonstration tests in front of the public of farmers, contractors, and technicians attending the kermesse. Here is an overview of some of the models presented by John Deere. 

Series 8R, represented by models 8400 and 8370R. The series is made of tractors equipped with high power PSS John Deer 9.0 l, engines coupled with efficient E23 full PowerShift or stepless AutoPower. These transmissions ensure excellent performance, ease of use and smooth driving. The strong hydraulic system stands out for its maximum rear lift capacity of 12.2 tonnes, nominal hydraulic flow up to 321/l/ min and an oil take out capacity of 90/l min (up to a maximum of six SCVs). The FarmSight, Autotrac (Assisted Driving System) and JDLink technologies improve performance, increase comfort and optimize communication between the machines, the business center, and the dealer. The solutions adopted by John Deere for the operator comfort include the front axle suspension with independent ILS arms, and the ActiveSeat seat, as well as the cab suspension and the ACS variable steering system. Also noteworthy is the soundproofing of the driver’s seat, with a noise level lower than 70 dB(A).

7R series, with the 7310R model. The 7310R fits into the tractor line powered by a high-powered 9.0-liter John Deere PSS powertrain, supported in this case by twin-turbocharger technology in series to deliver more torque. On board the 7Rs, the E23 full PowerShift transmissions, or alternatively the AutoPower continuous variation transmissions, are even more efficient thanks to the Efficiency Manager system and the ECO function that optimize engine revs by reducing consumption. The maximum 10-tonne lift capacity of the rear linkage and the 5.2-tonne front linkage capacity are enhanced by a versatile hydraulic system, operated via a programmable electronic joystick. Compared to the cab of the 8R models, that of the 7Rs, with a suspension of the TLS front axle and the ActiveSeat seat, or with cab suspension and HCS steering system, are even quieter with a noise level of only 68 dB(A).

6250R 6215R models for the 6R series. The 6R series tractors stand out for their integral steel frame, which absorbs structural vibrations, leaving the engine and the transmission free from mutual twisting tensions Power that is made available for field operations, from the 6-cylinder engine to 6.8 l. As for the transmission, it is possible to choose between the consolidated PowerQuad and AutoQuad, the infinite variation of the AutoPower and the double clutch DirectDrive. Efficient and reliable transmissions, which transmit to the ground all the traction necessary to work with demanding equipment. The hydraulic system, on the other hand, consists of a maximum of six rear hydraulic distributors and a strong front linkage. John Deere’s technologies such as FarmSight are also available on 6Rs.

5R. They are compact machines with an optimized pitch of 2.25 m. They are equipped with a single cast frame and are characterized by a low center of gravity that makes it even easier to use the front loader on the move, and excellent levels of maneuverability (the turning radius is only 3.75 m). The 5R tractors are powered by 4-liter 4.5-liter low fuel-efficient PWX engines, compliant with the Stage IIIB/iT4 standard, which, thanks to the Transport Power Management (TPM) system, provide 10 additional horsepower for transport applications. Several transmissions are available. In fact, the operator can choose between the 16/16 manual CommandQua, with four ranges and four PowerShift gears for each range, the 16/16 automatic CommandQua, and the 32/16 Command8, with eight PowerShift gears and an ECO mode that allows a maximum speed of 40 km/ha only 1759 rpm. Worthy of note is the wide visibility in the cabin given by the glazed surface and the layout of the dashboard screen placed on the right front pillar, as in the 7R and 8R series.

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