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Diavel 630 MultiWrap, baler and wrapper in a single model

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2016 | Back

At EIMA International, the range of round balers by Mascar becomes even richer with the launch of a new model, the Diavel 630 MultiWrap, which expands a range that was already strengthened in the last edition of Agritechnica with the Diavel 630 and Diavel 630 Cut. The latest addition to the Mascar brand is a combined version of a baler and wrapper, developed thanks to the professionalism and technical skills developed by the technicians of the Venetian company in the design of both balers and wrappers.

The Diavel 630 MultiWrap is an application designed for farming professionals, and was conceived to combine into one machine the performance of a fixed chamber round baler (120x130 cm) with those of a wrapper, with the advantage of creating a compact work site, faster in processing time, and high quality as regards the final product. All this with a modern and aesthetically sophisticated design. In the exhibition spaces of the Vicenza company, the spotlights are also trained on the Diavel 630/630 Cut, created at the facilities in Grumolo delle Abbadesse (Vicenza), aimed at meeting a highly professional demand where the harvesting of “green” product is prevalent.

The main feature of the Diavel 630/630 Cut is the chamber entirely of rollers, paired with a feed and cut system, derived - in turn - from the variable chamber model, the Monster 770/770 Cut (a prized application in those markets where the prevalent demand is for versatile machines for processing various types of products).


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