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FederUnacoma, presidencies extended for two years

by the editorial staff
July-August-September 2021 | Back

The General Meeting of FederUnacoma’s member industries approved, by a very large majority, an exception to the Articles of Association that extends by two years the mandates of the Federation's president and the presidents of the individual sector associations, which would have expired in June this year.

The vote of the general meeting comes at the end of a procedure - provided for in the Confindustria single regulation - which included a discussion with the member companies carried out by the FederUnacoma Appointment Commission and which ended with the general meeting vote.

The extension of the mandates is a sign of compactness of our member base and of confidence in the work of the current governing bodies," declared president Alessandro Malavolti, "and is intended to ensure continuity to the Federation's activities in a very important and delicate relaunch phase.”

The Federation's senior management, which will hold office until June 2023, has therefore confirmed, in addition to President Alessandro Malavolti, the presidents of Assomase Giampaolo Barbieri, Comagarden Renato Cifarelli, Assotrattori Manlio Martilli, Comacomp Pier Giorgio Salvarani and Assomao Lorenzo Selvatici.

As stipulated in the Articles of Association, the presidents of the individual associations are at the same time Vice-Presidents of the Federation and form the Presidential Council.


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