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Sales increasing in first half of 2017

Ministry of Transport data point in Italy to substantial gains for tractors, combine harvesters and other types of machinery registered. At the top of sales of tractors are the Veneto, Lazio, Campania and Tuscany regions. A good performance in registrations is coming in also from Puglia preparing for the Agrilevante, the great exposition focused on agricultural mechanization and typical Mediterranean products coming up in October

by the editorial staff
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The first half of the year has been positive for the Italian agricultural machinery market. According to data elaborated by FederUnacoma based on registrations provided by the Ministry of Transport, the mid-year turning point for tractor sales and all other types of targeted machinery requiring registration were showing net growth over the same period in 2016.

Tractor sales rose 9.7% with 9,978 units registered against 9.096 in the first half of 2016; combine harvesters climbed 14.1% with 186 machines moved compared to 163; transporters gained 5.3%, 416 units against 395; trailers were up 3.5%, 4.755 sold compared to 4,594; telescopic handlers surged 16.8% for 472 registered against 404 in the first half of  2016. The opening of applications for financing provided by European Union Rural Development Plans came as an incentive for farmers to purchase and the activation of the procedure for obtaining INAIL funds can further improve this positive market trend.

Other than the data on the national average, a breakdown shows various trends from region to region from those at the top, with tractor sales in the Veneto up 38.6%, Lazio at plus 27.2%, Campania ahead 33.3% and Tuscany surging by 69.7% whereas on the down side of the domestic average were Lombardy off by 1%, and especially Sicily plunging 50.6%, in part due to the blowback following strong registration numbers in recent years.

Worthy of note was the sound performance of Puglia where tractor sales rose 18.6% by the middle of the year ahead of the Agrilevante trade fair coming up in Bari for next October 12 to 15. On this occasion, organized by FederUnacoma and the Levante Trade Fair, it will be possible to monitor the market of the many types of machinery and equipment outside the categories not requiring registration with the Ministry of Transport but playing a large part of the agricultural machinery market.

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