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Anno 2020 Numero 7-9

July - August - September 2020

CH7.70 combine harvester, performance and versatility

The new New Holland CH7.70 combine harvester, with Crossover Harvesting technology, was presented for the 2020 harvesting campaign; with this machine, the manufacturer aims to raise the standards of harvesting and versatility in the mid-range of the segment, with any product and in all working conditions. “The new CH7.70 Crossover combine harvesters is positioned between the conventional mid-range combines and the top rotary models, and is able to meet the specific needs of all types of agricultural activities,” explains Lionel Gleyroux, Head of Combines and New Holland Flagship Europe. “Crossover Harvesting - adds Gleyoux - means offering the best of twin rotor and conventional technologies for the best production yield”.  According to data provided by the manufacturer, the Crossover system, offers an efficiency up to 25% higher than other combine harvesters in the same segment. The heart of the new technology developed by New Holland is the two-rotor separation device which, equipped with a 610 mm beater, stands out for its reinforced and durable structure. The beater is one of the largest in its class, and combined with the sectional concave, it offers an optimal combination in terms of versatility, enhancing the machine’s ability to adapt to different types of crops. The operator can manage the beater speed directly from the driver’s cab using a new hydraulic variator for heavy duty tasks, making it possible to verify that the speed is the most suitable according to the conditions of the field and of the product. The Opti-Thresh system, on the other hand, allows you to adapt the combine harvester easily and quickly to the conditions and maturity of the harvest; to achieve this, the user simply repositions the rear section of the concave. Moving the upper part of the concave - which is hinged - away from the beater provides a more gentle shelling and a better quality of straw. Obviously, the CH7.70 combine harvester could not be without the 21-inch Twin Rotor system, 3.45 metres in length. Increasing the separation area of the product (amounting to about 2.9 m2) reduces the percentage of damaged grain. The CH7.70 can be equipped with Varifeed headers measuring up to 9.15 metres, including a brand new 8.53 metre version developed specifically for this range. The front adapter of the feeding system can be mechanically adjusted to ensure perfect alignment with the header, thus optimizing the angle for each different header, thus generating a smoother, laminar product flow for greater throughput. The triple cascade cleaning system is also top notch, allowing up to 15% more capacity on any terrain, thanks to an additional cascade in the centre of the preparatory plane. The CH7.70 combine harvester is powered by the Cursor 9 engine, which develops up to 374 Hp, offering high productivity in all working conditions, and is in line with Stage V standards on polluting emissions. The performance is also top notch on slopes, thanks to the SmartSieve, which compensates for side slopes up to 25% while keeping the sieves balanced. The system also calibrates the action of the sieves based on the fan speed and the size of the grains in order to determine the optimal launch angle. Also worthy of note, the Opti-Fan device is designed to automatically compensate the speed variations of the product collected on the sieving bin when the machine works on slopes. A Lateral version is available for sloping terrain, equipped with a levelling technology that activates the correction of the cross slope up to 18% on both sides.

by Fabrizio Sereni

Keywords: New Holland
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