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High technology in the Antonio Carraro specialized tractors

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2020 | Back

In the virtual exhibition spaces of the EDP, spotlight on the top models of the Antonio Carraro range. Here are some of the machine protagonists of the event.

Tigre 3800 Supercompatto Top. This is a versatile specialized tractor designed to carry out all the different operations involved in the management of small agricultural plots, vegetable gardens, greenhouses, parks and gardens. It is powered by a water-cooled 3-cylinder Yanmar 26 horsepower engine that complies with the latest emissions directive, Stage V. The engine - we read in a technical note from the Venetian company (headquartered in Campodarsego) - is generous and brilliant, thanks to a greater displacement that makes it powerful even at low revs. Despite being a compact tractor, this model offers a spacious and comfortable driving position, with a wide driving platform without levers on the central tunnel.

New Tora series. It is a medium power range (52/66 horsepower) with Stage V engine, characterized by multifunctional models, which can be combined with complex equipment (inter-stump machines, trimmers and hydraulic equipment for vineyards) thanks to the increase in hydraulic capacities with continuous adjustable flows, for maximum control in managing the equipment. The agile on-board access (without levers on the central tunnel) is located on the driving platform suspended on silent-block, which limits vibrations and isolates the operator from the underlying transmission.

The cluster is equipped with a colour screen where all data is displayed. The 4-post Redcab compact cab is available by request (the sleek profile and the conical shape are functional for manoeuvring between narrow rows, even on a lateral slope), soundproofed and equipped with air conditioning. The cab offers 360° visibility while the LED headlights ensure optimal illumination of the equipment and the space around the tractor. The Tora series includes six models with different configurations: steering or articulated ACTIOTM chassis; reversible or unidirectional driving; load-sensing hydraulic system equipped with double-acting distributors (up to five); joystick and front lifter, as auxiliary device with adjustable arms and quick couplings.

Infinity series. It is Antonio Carraro's response to the needs of an agriculture that is increasingly technological and increasingly oriented towards environmental sustainability. This is a range of reversible tractors, equipped with a Kohler 75 horsepower 4-cylinder turbo engine, available in the TR version, with steering frame, SR version, with articulated frame, and TTR version, with "wide" steering frame and low centre of gravity for sloping crops. However, the real strength of these machines is the Infinity transmission, which allows you to work in the two driving fronts with the same speeds (each equipped with 3 hydraulic ranges) of 0-15 and 0-40 km/h, which can be manually engaged, or in automatic gearbox mode, without loss of traction. The accelerator pedal assists braking even on slopes, stopping the vehicle when it is released, even without using the brakes. The Cruise Control (or Tempomat), Limit RPM, Intellifix, Drive Mode, Fast Revers, and Uniflex suspension functions allow the operator to find the right setting based on the type of work. With the Infinity models, the clutch is used only for starting and acts as a safety in case you want to stop the vehicle immediately. The electro-hydraulic reverser on the steering wheel proves to be very useful for forward/reverse manoeuvres, even repeatedly, without using the clutch. The brakes are not used because the accelerator pedal, in addition to controlling the forward movement, allows you to manage the deceleration until the tractor stops: the entire transmission is governed with the accelerator pedal alone.



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