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Kverneland carrier frame tedders in the spotlight

Two new machines in the forage equipment sector from the Kverneland Group, the 8590C and 85112 tedders featuring compact build for transportalong with excellent performance in the field

by the editorial staff
November 2017 | Back

Two important new products in the tedder sector by Kverneland are arriving to the Hanover agricultural show for presentation by the Norwegian manufacturer, the 8590C carrier frame tedder and the 85112 rotary trailed tedder. The compact 8590C is a 9 m, 8-rotor carrier frame tedder purpose-built for tractors with power as low as 60 Hp. Thanks to wide track width the tedder retains stability during road transport. Due to the carrier frame concept, the lifting capacity of the tractor is not a limiting factor and it can be operated with tractors starting from 60 Hp. The 8590C mounted tedder with a compact build for transport makes it possible to shorten down time with height limited to 3.74 meters and sturdy u-joints on the inside rotors and flexible HexaLink finger clutch on the outside rotors. The other rotors are guided by maintenance-free double universal joints for the efficient transfer of power and also for compact folding to enhance transport stability. The design of the arms with flat steel tines makes certain that heavy loads are transferred with no torque to guarantee a perfect mix even for weighty products. The hydraulic regulation of the tedder on the field border is done directly from the tractor cab. The Kverneland 85112 is a rotary trailed tedder, a high performer with a working width of 11.2 meters. With 10 rotors equipped with 6 arms each, this tedder is capable of speedy operations while ensuring excellent mix for faster drying of the product. These models feature a heavy duty fully closed headstock to make them suitable for professional farmers requiring a robust, efficient and versatile tedder. Moreover, the 85112 is equipped with a new folding mechanism to reduce width to 2.95 and height to 3.70 meters though this machine is largest in the trailed tedder sector. The size for transport and weight distribution enables the 85112 to be moved double quick. The driveline for the Kverneland 85112 rotors transfer linear power silently and sharply lower maintenance costs. In fact, with the exception of the universal joint, the driveline and gear boxes are maintenance-free. The central rotors are protected by special double joints whereas the lateral ones by a HexaLink finger clutch. The two new tedders will be unveiled at Agritechnic in the Kverneland Group stand under the Vicon brand name as the Fanex 904C and Fanex 1124. 


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