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Kverneland seeders, effective and parsimonious

The Norwegian manufacturer comes to EIMA International with important news in the whole range. The sowing solutions with the Italian debut of the u-drill seeder and the launch of the new iXtra LiFe front tank are particularly noteworthy

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2018 | Back

On the occasion of the Bologna exhibition, Kverneland has plenty of news, with many models presented for the first time in Italy. In the sowing segment there is a 4-metre u-drill folding planter, offered both in the standard version (u-drill) and in the “grain” and “ferti” version (u-drill plus). Suitable for grains and very small seeds, with a single pass u-drill is able to prepare the seedbed and lay the seed. Five work phases are envisaged by the new Kverneland seeder. It starts with leveling the ground, entrusted to the 800 mm diameter front packer (made of rubber), which has the task of chopping the largest clods, ensuring optimal control of the depth of all the other elements of the machine. We then proceed to the preparation of the seed bed with two rows of conical shaped disks (diameter 470 mm) with shock absorbers. The third phase is compacting, with a series of staggered packer wheels (with a diameter of 900 mm) coming into action. At this point everything is ready for sowing. This is where the CD coulter enters the scene, equipped with a double steel disk for an inter-row of 12.5 cm or 16.7 cm. The coulter stands out for its innovative design that facilitates penetration even in difficult terrain, and that allows you to exert a pressure of up to 100 kg (to limit it there is a pressure wheel integrated in the coulter itself) for a constant depth at high speed (up to 18 km/h). The fifth and last phase is marked by the closing of the furrow, an operation performed by a toothed harrow that covers the seeds with finely processed soil. As for the fertilizing measures, the fertilizer can be placed in the second row of working disks (for an inter-row of 25 cm or 33 cm), or in each sowing row through the double entry coulter. “U-drill - explains the Norwegian company with a technical note - is available with Headland Managment, a programmable management system for headland functions. Just press a button so that the machine activates a sequence of functions, from lifting the wheels to lifting the working disks and the seeding bar. This way, manoeuvre times are considerably reduced”. Of course, the new Kverneland seeder is 100% Isobus compatible, so you can control all its operational functions via the IsoMatch Tellus PRO terminal screen (or other ISO 11783 compatible terminals). Another highlight of the u-drill is the electric seed distribution system. Depending on the version chosen by the operator, the application is equipped with one or two electric transmission dosing units positioned in the middle or side part of the machine, for an optimal dosage of seeds and fertilizer. The seeding dosage varies from 2 to 400 kg/ha, using only 4 spools, both for the seed and for the fertilizer. Replacing the spools does not require the use of any tool. Staying in the sowing sector, at EIMA International the Norwegian manufacturer also presents the new front tank iXtra LiFe (for Kverneland seeders) that allows to position the seed in an optimal position also for the fertilization purposes. Indeed, the front tank works in combination with a precision seeder for the localized distribution of the fertilizer during sowing and to ensure maximum productivity. Thanks to the electronics, the application of fertilizer is activated and deactivated in every single row, according to need. In short, the technology developed by Kverneland promises to optimize the fertilization operations, rationalizing them even more - especially if used in combination with GPS systems - and to make an important contribution to cost reduction.



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