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Landini: high tech specialized tractors for agriculture 4.0

Rich technology offerings on the Landini stand at EIMA International. We start from the new Rex 4 series, vying for the title of Best of Specialized, proposed with a power range from 70 to 112 horsepower. The highlights are the Rex 3 Series and the Trekker 4 F and Trekker 4 C tracked utility vehicles

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2018 | Back

The Model Year 2019 of the Series REX 4, already a finalist at the Tractor of the Year 2019 in the “Best of Specialized” category, is the big news from Landini for EIMA International. Proposed in Bologna with an unprecedented metallic blue livery and mat black rims, the REX 4 comes with Deutz AG engines equipped with an EGR & DOC exhaust gas treatment system without DPF and therefore without regeneration. Depending on the model, the power range varies from 70 to 112 horsepower. The technological equipment is also rich, starting from the Engine Memo Switch which adds comfort in the storage and selection of engine revolutions. The ADS (Advanced Driving System), on the other hand, is an innovative hybrid assisted driving system that uses advanced mechatronic systems to facilitates the operator in performing manoeuvres in the field and on the road. With the ADS it is possible to integrate the satellite driving, memorize and check the position of the wheels during the slope and furrow work, cancel the effects of external stress on the direction of the tractor, and stiffen the steering according to the speed in transport. Again with a view to increasing efficiency, the Landini Fleet Management protocol is included, with which the tractor fleet manager can manage from his office the electronic counting of working hours and fuel consumption, the field register and the maintenance services, as well as take advantage of remote diagnostics services in real time. The efficiency of the operations in the field is optimized by the control of the hydraulic systems through an all-in-one multi-function joystick. The cabins (F, GT and V versions) see the application of a CAT 4 protection system, which uses specific pressurisation to isolate the driving area from the harmful emissions of the pesticide treatments. The system works thanks to the monitoring of the on-board control unit that signals the maintenance of the internal pressure and the efficiency of the activated carbon filters. The version with suspended front axle (55° steering angle) has two disc brakes in an oil bath and an electro-hydraulic differential lock system. Turning to the hydraulics, the REX 4 is equipped with a dual 28 l/min pump (for steering) and 50 l/min for lifters and distributors. On request, a triple pump is provided which provides 41 l/min for rear and lift services, 41 l/min for underside valves and 28 l/min for the steering.

The new REX 3 Series also features in Bologna - three models with powers from 55 to 75 Hp - powered by 4-cylinder Kohler engines, 16 2.5-litre valves equipped with DOC systems without regeneration. REX 3 has a wheelbase of 1,950 millimetres, a weight of 2,000 kg and a rear lifting capacity of 2,300 kg; in short, an ideal working tool - due to the compact size and the height of the steering wheel of only 1,280 mm - for applications in vineyards, horticulture and greenhouses. The mechanical transmission provides 16 + 16 speeds with standard creeper and reverser on the steering wheel. In the tracked utility vehicle segment, the TREKKER 4 feature in the Open Field, Orchard and Mountain versions. The powers from 76 to 107 Hp are guaranteed by Deutz AG engines with 2.9 litre displacement Turbo aftercooler with 4 cylinders and 16 valves for F and M, while Deutz AG TCD 3.6 Turbo aftercooler equips the C version. Both engines comply with the Stage IIIB, Tier 4i emissions level thanks to the DOC catalytic converter without regeneration for the treatment of exhaust gases. The bonnet design is all new, giving a more aggressive line to the models with 16 + 8 mechanical transmission (4 gears, 2 ranges) equipped with overdrive or creeper.  Also brand new, the dashboard, ergonomics of the controls, and digital instruments, as well as the pneumatic suspension system of the seat. Finally, the tanks are larger, with a capacity of 85 litres for the orchard and mountain versions, and 95 for the Trekker 4.


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