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Landini, a new generation of specialized tractors

The new series of tractors for vineyards and orchards, rich in technological devices to improve functionality and comfort, was presented at the Veneto show. The new machines are produced according to the requirements of the European Mother Regulation, which has just come into force

by Giovanni M. Losavio
February - March 2018 | Back

The 6H Series is a line of tractors designed for the most diverse work needs, such as land preparation, sowing and haymaking, and is one of the flagships of the Landini line presented at Fieragricola. As a technical note from the manufacturer explains, this is a compact range characterized by the latest technological content and a high level of operator comfort. Three models are in production, all in line with the provisions of the European Mother Regulation. The 6-135H, powered by a 3.6-litre Tier 4 Final Deutz engine, delivers a maximum power of 126 horsepower and offers multiple transmission variants starting from the hydraulic reverser ranging from 12+12 to 48+16 with HML and Creeper. The rear lift has a capacity of 6 thousand kilos, while the open centre hydraulic circuit reaches 66 litres per minute. The 6-125H and 6-115H models respectively deliver maximum powers of 119 and 110 Hp, and come with a 38” maximum rear wheel (width 540 mm). On the other hand, in addition to being designed for the innovative Isobus systems and satellite driving assistance, the cab is equipped with a mechanical two-point suspension. The high-tech solutions include the trailer’s hydraulic braking system and the 3.6-litre 4-cylinder engine. It also boasts a Bluetooth Radio with integrated microphone, refrigerated and heated compartment, air suspension seat and height-adjustable steering column. In the Landini exhibition stand, the spotlight is aimed at the other bestsellers of the Emilia brand, including the 5 Series, powered by a 3.6-litre Tier 4 Interim Deutz, equipped with only the DOC catalyst (the SCR is therefore not provided). «The new 5 range - explains the manufacturer - derives from the previous 5D Series and is available in 99, 107 and 113 horsepower versions, with 12+12 transmission in Hi-Lo version (Power Four) while the HML (T-Tronic) and the creeper are optional. The reverser is available in both mechanical and hydraulic versions. The Series 5 is equipped with ELS rear lift (Ergonomic Lift System control system) and offers a capacity of 4,750 kilos (the front loader is optional), assisted by a sturdy hydraulic system that delivers 60 litres per minute. Thanks to its compact size (2.36 metre wheelbase) and weight of 3,800 kilos, the new 5 Series is suitable for all company activities, for which it guarantees high performance and agility of manoeuvre, as well as comfort and safety. There is also news for the Rex 4 range, now offered with a platform and a design characterized by taut and dynamic lines for an aggressive and captivating look with automotive style. The driver’s seat has also been renewed, with the introduction of ergonomic solutions, even more intuitive controls and a large space designed to facilitate the user’s work. The gearbox is available with 4 or 5 speeds (HI-LO Power five optional) to reach up to 40 + 40 speeds, with mechanical or hydraulic reverser, electro-hydraulic coupling of the PTO at one or two speeds (also synchronized). To optimize productivity, the new Rex 4 with Landini platform has included different hydraulic configurations served by a double pump, for a total flow of 82 litres per minute, and supported by limited slip front axles with minimal turning radius. The engine is a 4-cylinder Deutz Tier 4 Interim 2.9-litre (TCD L4) equipped with exhaust gas treatment systems EGR+DOC and Engine Memo Switch device that stores engine revolutions. The REX 4 range includes six models, with a power range between a minimum of 70 and a maximum of 112 horsepower.


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