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Landini Rex 4, efficient and ergonomic

by Giovanni M. Losavio
November 2017 | Back

The Landini Rex 4 specialist series cabbed tractor models, the V, GT and F, are coming up for presentation at the Hanover Agitechnica 2017 with a number of substantial construction innovations beginning with the new 4-cylinder Deutz 2.9 liter Tier 4 Interim backed by enlarged fuel tanks with capacities at 80 or 90 liters to ensure great autonomy at work. The manufacturer explained in a technical release that the power plants are equipped with EGR and DOC and an Engine Memo Switch which memorizes rpm for the driver. The power range of these engines is from 70 Hp to 112 Hp for the top of the line. The new transmission is available in two versions with mechanical or hydraulic reverse shuttle with 4 speed gears and 3 ranges. The options on offer are Hi-Lo and High-Medium-Low as well as a creeper. Another strong point for the Rex 4 series is the great versatility of the central hydraulic system with flow selector and optional flow divider, a 28 + 50 l/min double pump or 28 + 41 + 41 l/min triple pump for cabbed versions. The hydraulic circuit distributors control valves can be either mechanical, up to three, and/or up to seven electrohydraulic control valves available for reaching a maximum lift capacity of 3.4 tons. Another unique new feature debuting at Agritechnica is the stylish cab created by Argo Tractors designers to provide a flat central tunnel and improve forward vision making to easier for the driver in operations with front implements for pruning for example. The new attractive design extends to upgraded ergonomics in the cab and greater safety for the operator thanks to the optional Class 4 Protection cab which also includes a pressurized environment monitored by sensors to enhance safety for the operator performing sprayer work. An innovation was also applied to the axles with more tilting for the Landini Rex 4 V in the rigid version with electrohydraulic differential lock and 4WD engagement now offered with a central suspension system for 4 found GT models. 


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