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Anno 2020 Numero 6

June 2020

Plant protection treatments: Virtual Terminal Hydra 590

News from MC Elettronica. The company from Fiesso Umbertiano updates one of the key products in its range of technologies for plant protection treatments. We are talking about the Virtual Terminal Hydra 590 monitoring system, which is compatible with sprayers, misters and straddlers (towed or self-propelled). It allows the product to be distributed proportionally and uniformly, optimizing the hydraulic management of the machine, and it is now also available in the ISOBUS version. Hydra 590 allows you to manage the tool’s operation, intervening - for example - on opening and closing the section valves, on the movement of the section bars, or on the speed of the air sleeve. The latest addition to the MC Elettronica range can also be configured in the ISOBUS version. This requires adding the ECU Bridge ISOBUS Hydra module to the standard components and replacing the 5.7” VT terminal. With this solution, the MC Elettronica device allows the operator to control all the machine functions directly from the ISOBUS Universal Terminal of the tractor driver’s seat. In addition, the HYDRA 590 Virtual Terminal can be combined with the leading GPS devices available on the market to automatically manage the bar sections, thus avoiding possible overlaps on the area that has already been treated and minimizing the risk of causing damage to crops. Lastly, it should be noted that thanks to its modularity, the technology developed by the Rovigo company allows up to nine water sections and five hydraulic functions to be managed through the main ECU. Moreover, in combination with the auxiliary ECU, it can manage two additional hydraulic functions, as well as the automatic steering system.

by Giacomo Di Paola

Keywords: MC Elettronica
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