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Anno 2020 Numero 4-5

April - May 2020

Sowing precision, the UNI-SEEDER photocell arrives

In the precision agriculture sector, one of the latest innovations introduced by MC Elettronica is the UNI-SEEDER model. It is a universal photocell which, unlike others on the market, offers the user the option to modify the operating configuration (and therefore to vary the performance) according to the specific working conditions. The heart of the new photocell developed by the company from Fiesso Umbertiano (Rovigo) is a micro-controller that uses digital techniques (including a self-adaptive algorithm) to analyse in real time the analogue signals from the IR receivers. Thanks to this technology, UNI-SEEDER is able to “see” and to count very small and fast seeds, distinguishing them from dust or other residues (for example: seeds that have been ground during sowing operations). Meanwhile, the on-board diagnostic system (RGB LED and LIN Protocol) informs the user in real time about the device’s actual operating conditions. The photocell developed by MC Elettronica is suitable for working with corn, soy, chard and rapeseed, monitoring up to 250 seeds per second. In short, UNI-SEEDER is prized not only for its better sowing precision, but also for its better yields, achieved by eliminating excess product. The new MC Elettronica model can be installed on any type of seeder, with a bracket or tube configuration. It should be noted that, precisely to reduce assembly times, the company from Rodigo has provided for a special tube with integrated photocell. This solution also increases its resistance to mechanical stress.

by Giacomo Di Paola

Keywords: MC Elettronica
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